Blackjack Tips – Tricks 2023

If you’ve started playing at an online casino today, a year ago, or whenever, there’s a good chance you’ve looked online for some tips and tricks for your favorite online casino games. We’ve done that too and would probably judge anyone who hasn’t!

Our team of experts have done that too and want to share all their knowledge of online blackjack with our friends and users at Veritop. That’s why we hand out this information free of charge in the hopes that you too can start a prosperous career in online blackjack. So stick around for our wise words and take in our online blackjack tips.

The Best Ways to Win

The best ways to win when playing blackjack at a casino or playing online casino blackjack is to understand the game. You want to be able to beat that dealer or make the dealer go bust. The best way to do that is to play to your strategies and give yourself the best chance at winning.

Whether you’re new or a seasoned pro, having a strategy card is a great step towards winning at blackjack. You can’t really have one of those at a land-based casino because they’ll likely throw you out. But you can do it online, and nobody can stop you. It will give you the best odds for every single combination and it’ll be one of the best ways to win.

Beginner Tips

If any player is coming into this page with little to no knowledge of the game of blackjack, then that’s okay. This page is also for those players! We all have to start somewhere. The best piece of advice that we can offer for new players to the game is to learn the basics. Know what each of the cards represent, how to win and what the table rules are. This is of fundamental importance.

As a second rule, we’d suggest that players know when to quit. It’s quite easy to set aside a small amount of money to start playing to have fun, but once you’ve gone through what you wanted to spend, walk away. It’s a lot harder to stand up and walk away when you’re on a winning streak, but don’t chase losses if you’re on a losing streak, it’ll only end badly.

Betting Systems

There are a number of great betting systems that are used for online casino gambling. It’s true that a lot of them stem from games such as roulette, but they can be just as important in blackjack. You can find many different betting systems that will help you along your way, and give you the ability to manage your bankroll.

Martingale: This is a betting strategy that will have players double their bets when they lose. The strategy will get the player back on even ground quickly and take care of big losses with a single win.

Fibonacci: This is based off the mathematical sequence of the same name. Players will progress along the sequence every time that they lose. When they win, they’ll stick with the number they are already on. The sequence goes: 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, etc and is worked out as the sum of the previous two numbers.

d’Alembert: This started has players raise their bets by one whenever they lose and lower the bet by one whenever they win. It’s safe and often covers losses.

Parlay: If a player wins with Parlay, they’ll bet the winnings and the original bet, but whenever the player loses, they bet the original betting amount. It’s a progression system that can net big winnings.

Use a Strategy Card

Many online casinos and online casino guides will have a strategy card that players can use to guide them along the way. Now, because we’re all playing online blackjack, it’s easy to have that strategy card open in front of you while you play. That’s something that we can actually recommend.

Just because you have a strategy card though, doesn’t automatically mean you’re going to win. These cards are based off of odds and percentages and even then, they can often be wrong. They usually do work as intended though, so if you do decide that you’re going to be using a strategy card then we’d suggest you stick to it.

The basics for hard totals in blackjack are simple really. If you have a total of 17 or more, then you want to stand. If you have anything from 13 to 16 then you should only be standing if the dealer has 6 or less. Once the dealer is showing 7 or more, it’s easier for the dealer to hit a 17 which will put you out of luck if you have a smaller total. Most strategy cards do go into depth for soft totals, splits, and surrenders, so having all of them open will always be helpful.

The Gambler’s Fallacy

Don’t fall victim to the gambler’s fallacy. Just because you haven’t won a few hands in a row doesn’t mean that you’re due a win. This is what the gambler’s fallacy is all about. Play the odds and the averages, but don’t bet on the differing results.

If you were to spin a coin and pick one of the sides, and that coin keeps landing on the opposite side, two, three times in a row. That doesn’t mean the fourth time it spins it’s going to land your way. The probability is still the same regardless of the previous flips. You should be working off the chance that it will land either side, which is 50/50, rather than the amount of times that it has already landed one side.

Don’t Drink and Gamble

It may sound like a joke, but it’s dead serious. Alcohol can inhibit your ability to make the right decisions and can affect your mental speed and capacity. When you’ve been having a few drinks, it’s the worst idea to start playing at an online casino.

The reason that a lot of land-based casinos and resorts will give away free alcohol, or even charge less than usual through happy hour promotions is because this helps their bottom line. They’ll gladly offset a few drinks each night if it means they can rake in thousands of dollars more than normal.

The Top 5 Tips for Blackjack

Avoid Insurance

Insurance is a sucker bet, it’s pretty obvious. The casino will try to pull you in to get half your wager back. A successful insurance bet pays 2:1 but the odds of you winning that bet are worse than that. So always decline it unless absolutely necessary.

Shut Out the Noise

Don’t let other players talk you into things and try to ignore all the suggestions and comments around you. Don’t forget that you’re playing with your own real money so you should decide what you want to do. Sometimes you can go with a bet based on your gut and that’s perfectly natural.

Progressive Strategies are Risky – Bankroll is Important

Having a bankroll is one of the most important things that any player can do when playing casino games, online or in person. Progressive strategies can win you a lot of money when done correctly, and they have done so in the past, but they’ll quickly diminish your bankroll, so be careful.

Always Double Down on a Hard 11

You may be lucky, and you may be unlucky, but if you have a hard 11 then you should always be using the Double Down option. Statistically the most likely card you’re going to get when you double down is a 10, so why not double your bet for the chance?

Never Split a Pair of 5s or 10s

Think about it. If you have two 5s in your hand, you have a 10. There’s a good chance you’ll get a 20. If you split the 5s, you could get some really random numbers and could diminish your chances of winning. The same goes for 10s because that’s an instant 20, a great hand in blackjack! The odds are statistically worse that you’ll get other cards paired up with your 10s when you split. Don’t do it!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • ✅ How do I play blackjack online?

    Blackjack is played online just like it is in real life at a normal land-based casino. Players will take a virtual seat at a table and the cards will be dealt to players from a computerized dealer. You’ll get your cards, decide to hit, or stand and then win or lose. It’s as simple as that. You’ll need to head to a trusted online casino, preferably one that is recommended, and then sign up. As soon as you’ve made a deposit, you can start playing for real money.

  • ✅ How do I win at blackjack?

    With blackjack, the object of the game is to get to 21. If you can’t get to 21, all you have to do is beat the dealer. Blackjack has one of the highest RTP percentages of any online casino game. The house edge is just 0.5% in most cases if you stick to traditional blackjack.

  • ✅ When do I know if I should hit or stand?

    There are many different tables and card strategies for blackjack that will advise players on when to hit or stand depending on the cards they’ve been dealt, and the cards that the dealer has. As a general rule of thumb, anything over 17 should be a stand for the player as the dealer will usually have to stand on 17. The worst outcome there is that you push and get your money back.

  • ✅ Do I have to count cards in order to win?

    Counting cards is something that is learned as time goes on. It’s not a straightforward thing to do but with practice, can help you in the long run. That’s not to say that you need to count cards in order to win though, because you don’t. It may just help your chances by giving you more an advantage over people who aren’t counting.

  • ✅ What is the best way to learn blackjack strategy?

    The best way to learn strategy and everything you can about blackjack is by exposing yourself to the game as much as possible. People say that playing for free doesn’t really help, but we disagree. Being able to master the cards and understanding blackjack strategy is essential if you plan to win. Practice makes perfect, whether you’re doing it on free play or for real money, any bit of practice will give you a leg up over other players.