Get the Best in Online Roulette Tips in 2023 – Play to Win

Spinning the wheel at an online roulette casino is easy. It’s winning that can be a challenge. Roulette is a game of chance, perhaps more so than most other games because there’s no skill involved in the playing of the game. There is however, some skill involved in the betting and that’s the best way that you’ll be able to capitalize on each and every online casino roulette game.

Having a strategy for betting is what players will do and a result of that will be trying to win more than they lose. These kinds of betting strategies have existed for many years and while the math is definitely true and accurate, the odds are still not in the favor of the player. If you’re following the best roulette tips and guides out there that you can get your hands on though, you should be set and ready to start winning today.

Winning as Much as Possible

Betting strategies really come into play when players talk about winning as much as possible. It’s an obvious thing to do that we’re sure everyone wants to do. Winning is the best feeling and it’s even better when you can do it constantly.

Winning as much as you can, will only be achievable if you have the capital to do so, so claiming a welcome bonus for online roulette is probably a smart decision. It will double or even triple your initial bonus that you’ve put into the online casino, giving you a longer time to play, therefore extending those winnings.

A Few Beginner Tips

Some of the most basic tips that we can offer when playing any kind of online roulette are ones that most people will already know. Having the option to choose between roulette varieties, players should always look at the odds. European roulette usually has the smallest house edge, so playing there will give the player better odds to win most of the time.

Practice makes perfect is an old adage that is designed to help people along the way. If you don’t quite know what you’re doing yet or are new to the game of online roulette, then play for free. It’ll cost you nothing and it’ll give you the perfect way to integrate your thinking into the real money version of the game.

Roulette players know what a biased wheel is, but for those that don’t, it’s one where certain numbers keep hitting in unlikely probability. It’s also not down to an exact science and goes against everything that players think. See if there’s a roulette table out there with biased wheels.

Use a Betting System

When playing online, players will always try to look for the best games that offer top odds. The kinds of games that make winning easier, with the ability for the player to walk away with winnings. That doesn’t exist in roulette, and it’s a game of luck. But there are some things that players can do in order to capitalize on the odds.

Using a betting system is one such way to win. If a player comes into a game with the Martingale, D’Alembert or something similar, they’ll be able to bet with intelligence, making the most of their bankroll. If you know when to stop from your starting point, then you should be able to make each bet count.

Picking the Right Roulette

There are a few types of online roulette that players can play, but trust us, they are not all created equally. The three most popular roulette titles appear to be American, European, and French. American, while popular, is the worst possible roulette game that you can play because it features a zero and a double zero. What this extra zero does is add another number on the board, decreasing the win percentage and chance of everyone else.

European roulette is a popular one because it only has the one zero and is one of the best roulettes to play in terms of odds. Having said that, roulette isn’t just about odds as the game can be incredibly random. French roulette is pretty good too, playing on similar rules to European, but still including two rules known as En Prison and La Partage.

American roulette is statistically the worst kind of roulette that you can choose because it has two zero values, 0 and 00. They both belong to the dealer and significantly drop your chances of winning. There are other roulettes too such as mini roulette, multi-wheel roulette, and more, but they may differ from casino to casino.

En Prison

En Prison is another French roulette rule that is actually similar to La Partage. Meaning “in prison”, En Prison covers all even money bets and if zero pops up, the money that players have bet ends up in prison, or En Prison for a round.

When that round is over, the dealer places a market signifying the round is “En Prison” and then plays on as normal. If a player wins his next even money bet on the next round, they will receive their money back from the En Prison stage.

La Partage

La Partage is a specific bet in French roulette and one that is applied to even money bets. If the wheel comes up as a zero at some point and you’re a player betting on something like red or black, even or odd, then the dealer will divide all the money in half. There, the dealer will keep have for the house and return half to each player.

While La Partage is a fun rule to play in French roulette, it’s also something that increase the house edge when compared to normal European roulette but is still far better than American roulette. In fact, with La Partage, the house edge is a mere 2.7%.

Don’t Get Attached to Numbers

This may sound like something that’s common sense but if a player were to be asked what their favorite number is, they’ll surely give an answer. A lot of player will get attached to a specific number thinking that it’ll give them the win at some point. It’s a nice, idealistic way to look at life, but it’s just not going to happen. Murphy’s Law might also dictate that the time you don’t place the bet on your favorite number, it pops up the next spin.

Instead, try not to get fixated on numbers and just see them for what they are: opportunities. Each number is as likely as the next to land in the wheel, there’s not some cosmic force working against you and some numbers aren’t magic. Stick to the strategy, play the tips and enjoy the game, most of all.

Don’t Rush

It’s important not to get rushed when players start to play roulette. A lot of people will think it’s really important to get in on the next spin, but there’ll be another spin shortly after that. Players are supposed to enjoy their time playing roulette, so you are unsure on your betting strategy or are still busy working out your odds, then don’t sweat it, play the next round.

The excitement of the game is what gets people to want to put money down quickly. Don’t let the dealer, or other players rush you into making a decision that you’re not completely confident about. You would be surprised how much this happens, but typically it happens more in a land-based casino setting.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the best strategy for roulette?

    There is no one strategy that is the best for roulette. We’ll often mention multiple strategies and ways to win, along with tips and tricks. Most strategies in roulette are based on bankroll management and playing with the right amount of money. There are some strategic tips for playing certain types of bets, but they are few and far between.

  • What is the strategy that James Bond uses?

    James Bond has a roulette strategy that puts a lot of money up quickly, trying to win fast and in big amounts. There’s supposed to be a two-thirds chance that the player will wins something when they use the James Bond strategy of betting big on a number, smaller on another number and then a small amount on the zero, but we’ve yet to see it work consistently.

  • Can I cheat at online roulette?

    It’s exceedingly difficult to cheat at online roulette purely because all of the online casino that we rate, review, and recommend, have got trusted online software providers. These providers will give the casinos software that is trusted and reputable, but also software that’s been audited along the way to ensure that it has true random number generation.

  • Can online roulette be trusted?

    As long as you’re playing at an online casino that is trusted by many with the right kind of licensing and software providers, you should be safe. These online casinos will usually use trusted payment options that you will have heard of. It’s always best to play at an online casino that caters to everything you need, so if you want to deposit using PayPal, find one that offers that and never compromise.

  • What is the gambler’s fallacy?

    The gambler’s fallacy is believing that an event occurs more frequently than normal, so it’s less likely to happen in the future. This happens a lot in roulette. Players will see three red numbers appear in a row, and then bet on black thinking that black is due to win now. In reality, the bets are still 50/50, even though the chances are incredibly small that red will pop up again.

  • Which roulette has the best odds for me?

    Roulette with the best odds for the player has got to be any kind of European roulette. If you’re able to find regular European roulette then go for it, but French Roulette is also pretty enjoyable. American roulette is one of the worst roulette games that a player can play purely because there’s a double zero and a normal zero, meaning your chances of hitting are significantly reduced.