Progressive Jackpot – Win Big in 2023

Progressive jackpot slots are the big money winners and they make up a large portion of players who enjoy playing online slots. They aren’t exactly worlds apart from regular online slots, but one way in which they do differ is the prize pools. These kinds of slots can be paid out from all over, whether they are local jackpots, ones that exist across a network, or just progressive on that single machine.

Learning exactly how a progressive jackpot slot works is vital and understand how you can win is important too. Having said that, there’s no real way to win more at slots than anyone else because the game is luck-based. One thing that a player can do though, is prepare themselves for what’s to come. Understanding what slot they want to play, how to play it, managing a bankroll and aiming for the biggest prizes are just a few ways that people can go from a casual slot player to a million-seeking high-roller.

Online Slots and Progressive Jackpots

There are many varieties of online slots and many of them exist in the online casino world. If a player starts at an online casino, coming from a land-based casino, they’ll be completely overwhelmed with what’s on offer when playing online. This is largely due to the fact that there are so many different slots, they all offer something different and they can provide a lot of fun.

To get involved with progressive jackpots means that you should first get involved with online slots. Makes sure that players completely understand what happens when you play on a slot, how these slots work through RNG and understand that a progressive jackpot slot is just another type of slot that often pays out better with jackpots.

Progressive Slots and Jackpots

Online slots are popular, but progressive jackpot slots are one of the most popular branches of online slots. This is because they payout well. There are a record number of people who have become millionaires based off of progressive jackpot slots alone, and that’s something worth noting.

When compared to other kinds of online casino games, slots run off complete and total luck. They all have RNG built into the machine to ensure that everything is always random. What that means is that there’s nothing that a player can do skill-wise in order to improve their chances. The best thing that a player can do is try to lose a little less by doing things like playing the maximum, managing a bankroll, and understanding paylines and how the slot works.

Jackpot Types

It’s rather important to know the different types of jackpots that you can get when you play real money online slots. Some of them may not exist at some casinos, while others have at least one of each. The types of slots that you play will often determine the jackpots, the payouts and everything else surrounding it.


These are the big money-maker slots. These will rake in a percentage of each coin played on the slots of the same brand. That means that the slots will have far bigger bonuses that most other jackpot games purely because players keep feeding money into the prize pool.


Local jackpots are usually put together by the players playing the same slots or bank of slots at a casino online. Everyone who is playing Slot A will contribute to the slot prize pool and when someone playing that slot wins, they’ll take home that prize.


These progressive jackpots that run across entire networks. This is where the real money is because this type of jackpot pays out across multiple online casinos, where everyone from every casino who has a particular slot from a software provider will contribute to the prize pool. Suffice to say, when you win this progressive, you’re made for life!


These jackpots are based purely on the numbers. The casino knows that they have a certain number of players on average who play and spend, work out the numbers and then give a fixed jackpot. That’s not to say this is a small jackpot, only that it’s guaranteed a certain amount.

I’ve Won a Jackpot – Now What?

Well, if any player has won a massive jackpot, then good on them! It’s not an easy thing to do and the stars have clearly aligned to bring such luck! If that is the case, then players may notice that a lot of online casinos will spread the payment over a number of years. Some online casino progressive jackpots can also be paid out in one full lump sum though too.

Should a player happen to win a smaller amount of money, then the winnings will be put into their online casino account instantly. Those that win big will likely have the money delivered to them in their bank account, or perhaps by person or courier with a form of check. In this scenario, players will have signed over their photo rights in order to pose with some kind of giant novelty check, so don’t be surprised if that happens!

The Biggest Progressive Jackpot Wins

The biggest jackpot win of all time belongs to Mega Moolah which was paid out in 2018. The winner at Grand Mondial casino took home just under $21.5 million on Mega Moolah. The second-place win at just over $20 million was won on the same slot too and actually happened in 2019. Also won on Mega Moolah, this was at Zodiac casino.

The third-place win was from Mega Fortune, a slot that was on Paf Casino and was won back in 2013. The winner took home a cool $20 million too. In 2015, a soldier from the UK won just over $20 million whilst playing and spent his money on new cars and a holiday. He took home the 4th place prize.

As you can see, Mega Fortune and Mega Moolah are two online casino slots that pay out big time with progressive jackpots and those are the ones that players should definitely be aiming for. The interesting thing about both slots is that they consist of different progressive jackpots, wilds, scatters and bonus rounds. Mega Fortune can get you a x5 multiplier while playing, and Mega Moolah gives out free spins and bonus rounds.

Strategy and Tips for Progressive Jackpots

There’s no hard and fast way to win progressive jackpots when playing online slots. Sadly, the best thing that a player can do is just try to keep a level head and play when they are able to. The most important thing that we can stress is that a player sticks to their allocated budget. In doing so, players can enjoy themselves and have a clear limit as to when they should be stopping for the day.

We’d also always suggest that players play enough coins to be eligible to grab the big jackpot. That means that you’ll have to play more than the minimum, but perhaps not as much as the maximum. It’s important to check what the minimum amount is to play in order to qualify. Where Mega Moolah is concerned, remember there are four different jackpots, so try to cover as many as your budget allows.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • ✅ What is a progressive slot?

    Progressive slot games are just like regular online casino slot games except they have massive jackpots attached to them. You’re able to win millions on a single spin if all the right reels pop up and players who do so, will thank their lucky stars.

  • ✅ How do progressive jackpots work?

    Each time a player plays at the progressive jackpot slot, a portion of the money spent goes into the jackpot kitty. This isn’t just true of the slot you’re playing, but of the slots across the entire network. That means that people at other casinos playing the same online slot will have the same linked progressive jackpot bonus across multiple casinos. This is also what makes the progressive jackpot totals so big.

  • ✅ Are progressive jackpots better than standard slot machines?

    There’s not really much difference between the two save the fact that the prize money is lower on regular slot machines. The RTP is general similar, and the game is still independently audited by outside sources to ensure the RNG is fair. If you’re looking to win big though, then progressive jackpot slots are where you should be playing.


  • ✅ What are the biggest jackpots?

    When talking about some of the biggest progressive jackpots in history, Mega Moolah needs to be up at the top of biggest jackpots. People have won many times with it, often as much as $15 million. There are also four different jackpots that players can win there. A slot like Arabian Nights from NetEnt is also another big one that puts winners on the map.

  • ✅ How often do progressive jackpots win?

    It’s something that cannot really be proven but based on the RTP for some of the progressive slots, it’s more often than you’d think. Some slots will have weekly jackpots I they’re of a smaller amount, but some of the bigger ones will pay out big progressive jackpots between 4 and 12 weeks on average.

  • ✅ Are real money slots better than free play slots?

    There’s no slots that are better than other slots, they’re simply different. You’ll have fair and balanced RNG with real money and free play slots, and they’ll both be independently audited by outside bodies. The only difference is that with one, you’ll win real money and the other you’ll win free credits. The slots, themes, reels, and chances to win are all the same.