How to Win at Slots – Strategies 2023

How to win at slots? It’s a question that many people are asking these days, and many people have asked in the past, for many years. There’s no simple way of winning at online slots, and there’s not really any amount of skill that you can use to influence the way the game works if you’re playing at fair and balanced online slots sites.

What you can do, however, is make small changes and adjustments to the way you play and have some street smarts about you when you do decide to play. This will give you a far better outcome than most of the other slot players and will also cement you firmly into the wonders of online casino play. Online slots almost always are better than land-based casino slots because they offer you more, have a wider variety, and offer a larger RTP to players.

What are Online Slots?

Online slots are games of chance that you’ll play at an online casino website. Much like parlor games or games of chance at land-based casinos, online casino slots are similar but are played online. You’ll head to an online casino that caters to your needs and requirements and then pick the games you want to play that the casino offers.

Each online slot will be a little bit different. Some of them will be themed around games or movies and series, while other ones will be about bands or celebrities. Oftentimes you’ll see a slot that has a unique take on things, perhaps one that’s set in a desert, in the jungle, r something else.

How Do Slot Machines Work?

Slot machines are completely down to chance, there’s no skill involved whatsoever. Anyone who tells you any different has obviously won a lot through online slots and doesn’t want to act like they are lucky.

At first site, a slot machine can be rather intimidating, but in actual fact, it’s pretty straightforward and easy to understand. Once a player has chosen their desired slot machine, they’ll need to deposit money before they can start playing. Usually on a slot machine, there’s a minimum and maximum bet that you can place. Once placed, players will get to spin the wheel.

This is where slots will be unique. Some of the slots that players play will have more reels than others, some will have more or less symbols than normal, others will have different kinds of symbols like wilds, scatters, bars, jackpots, or anything in between. The slots will then spin randomly and then they will all stop at some point and then depending on how many paylines there are on the slot, then there will be lines that run horizontally and diagonally.

When the slot stops spinning its reels, then the paylines will form and players will be paid out according to what has landed. Sometimes the lines will pay out for just one single line, but sometimes they will pay out for multiple lines.

How to Win on Slot Machines

There is no magical way that someone can win on the slots. Players will either know what they are doing, or they won’t, and players will either win or they won’t. Having knowledge of the slot machine is probably one of the better things that you can do in order to prepare yourself.

You will not be able to improve your luck when you play the slots, but you’ll definitely be able to play a little better than the next person by understand and developing a system for the following touch points on online slots.

Choosing a Slot

Every single slot machine is different to the next, so you’ll never find two with the same theme, music, features, symbols or paylines. Ensure that you are playing at the slot with the best kind of return to player percentage. This will ensure that you’ve given yourself the best chance at winning.

Practice Makes Perfect

Many of these online slots at the most popular online casinos have got free play slot games. Players should try to find a free version of the slot they are playing in order to practice and fully understand the nuances of the game. Not only is it a great way to learn, but it’s also a lot of fun.

Learn the Pay Table

The pay table is perhaps the most important part of an online casino. You could give or take the music or the themes, but if the slot doesn’t pay out well according to the pay table, then there’s no point in playing it. Make sure you’re aiming for the most lucrative section on the pay table.

Bring a Budget

One of the biggest mistakes in online casino slots is coming to the site or the game unprepared. Be prepared and have a budget. This will give you a set limit that you’re allowing yourself to spend, and don’t ever go over that. If you do that, you’ll be able to come out with wins that you can clearly see and won’t get yourself into any trouble.

Try for Jackpots

While it does sound pretty obvious, jackpots are the big money winners so go for them. If you’re able to actively press any buttons on your slot or move things around, gear towards the jackpots. The smaller ones tend to play out for frequently, so they’ll be the big money winners.

Play Maximum Coins

We’ll always advise playing the maximum wager wherever possible. This is largely because the payouts go up exponentially the more you pay in. Smaller jackpots can also pay out a lot more if you’re playing the maximum coins.

Understanding a House Edge

A house edge on a slot machine isn’t exactly a term that slot players might be used to. In fact, it’s used more for table games, but still holds true with the online slots. The RTP is the return to player percentage and percentages are usually worked out over hundreds. It means that if you spend R100, the RTP is what the slot will pay out. If a slot’s RTP is 97.6%, then the slot will pay out $97.60 for every $100 that it receives.

That doesn’t mean that the slot will pay the money out to that particular player though, it means that it will pay out that rate over time on average. Sometimes the wins are a lot more, other times there aren’t any wins for a long period of time. This is why it’s so important to have a slot machine that is fairly audited by an outside company.

Understanding a Pay Table

One of the more important things to understand with online slots is a pay table. Once you’re able to get to terms with how that works, the rest should all fall into place. This usually shows the number of symbols needed for wins that are displayed in multipliers of your coins or bets.

This is the reason we suggest people play max bets because the amount of money paid out on max coins far outweighs the amount of coins you’ll win for just one or two. It will also display whether a game uses multiplier symbols, wilds, scatters, and bonuses. It will tell you what the biggest jackpot is and how to win it too.

Managing Bets

All it takes in slots is a little bit of math to understand what the best course of action is. When you decide to start playing at a particular slot, then you should be able to manage your bets so that you have a fair amount of play time, but mix that up with how many coins you’re betting on each payline.

If you have a budget of $100 and are playing with a coin value of $0.2, then you’re going to get 500 spins if you’re playing on a single payline. When you decide to start venturing across multiple paylines, you’ll divide your spins by the number of paylines. So for example, if you’re paying across 10 different paylines with your 500 spins, you’ll now have 50 spins.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • ✅ Is it possible to win real money at online slots?

    When you’re playing online slots at a reputable online casino then you can certainly win real money when playing online slots. Most, if not all slots, have got a very high return to player percentage, meaning that the slots are known to pay out well.

  • ✅ Can online slots be rigged?

    The best kind of online slots that exist through software providers that are well known and that are legally responsible will not be able to be rigged. That’s why it’s important to play at an online casino that has a list of slots from trustworthy places. We’ll only recommend the best online casinos that have trustworthy providers.

  • ✅ How do I know if online slots are safe to play?

    Look for the recommendations from us, and even the badges that will appear on online casino pages. If a slot has been tested and verified by eCOGRA, it’s proven to be safe and fair. The RNG is steady and cannot be doctored in any way. These are the most important things to look for with online slots.

  • ✅ Is there a difference between real money and free play slots?

    The only difference between real money and free play slots is that you can win money when you play for real money. The RNG is identical in free play and real money slots, and by and large, you’ll get the same kind of slots, regardless of what type of games you’re playing. Many online casinos have free play versions of their most popular real money slots.

  • ✅ How do I know if a slot is paying out?

    It takes a little bit of online casino knowledge to check to see how a slot pays out. Checking the RTP of any kind of slot will show the amount a slot pays out for every $100 it takes in. Usually these can range from anywhere between 90 and 97. To get the slots that payout the best, you should always look for ones with the highest RTP.

  • ✅ What are the chances of me winning at slots?

    The chances of winning at online slots are pretty good. Because there is no skill element involved in online slots, the chances are purely luck based, but because the RTP is quite high, there’s a fairly good chance that you’ll win while you’re playing. The only difference then when you win, is if the win is a small one or a large one.