Casino Slot Tips – Tricks 2023

Online slots are among the most popular online casino games to play in 2023. Whether players are just starting their online gambling career, or have played for ages, new or old players will be able to win thanks to our casino slot tips. It’s the great equalizer that no other online casino game can match.

There’s nothing that you’re able to do to increase your chances of winning more at online slots. It doesn’t matter how good you are at math, what kind of strategies you have up your sleeve, or whether you’re an avid gambler or not. Nothing will help you to win. There are a few things that you can do though that might prepare you for an online slots experience, and a few tips that you can absorb in order to play a little better.

Understanding Slots

In order to play slots as best as possible, it’s equally important to try and understand how slots work. As players, people tend to only see things at face value. This means you’ll be presented with a slot, some reels, a few commands and a couple other visual effects, all encapsulated within a unique and interesting theme. But beneath the surface lies a little more.

Every online casino slot machine is different, each and every one has different kinds of aspects to it. Some have multiple paylines, others have wilds, a few have scatters, and some have progressive jackpots or bonuses that pay out often. Some online casino slots have all of this stuff combined into one, making them really popular. As long as the online slots that players are taking part in have got the backing of trusted software providers, and are released on recommended online casino sites, then they will be the right slots to play.

The RNG Behind Slots

RNG stands for random number generation and every slot machine has a computer inside it that performs these calculations. Basically, it ensures that the numbers generated are random values when the machine is being used or not. The RNG number will be generated anywhere between 1 and a few billion times a second, making sure that it’s completely and utterly random.

Players use this information with the knowledge that their online slots play will always be completely fair and balanced. It means that the game isn’t out to get you or has some sort of problem with you or the way you play, it’s completely down to luck.

All of the online casinos that we recommend at Veritop are trusted online casino sites that use reputable software providers. These providers then have their slots tested and audited by independent bodies who test the RNG to make sure that it’s legitimate.

It’s this RNG and the fact that the return to player percentages are so high at online slots, that people will often choose them over land-based casinos and other types of fruit machines. These games are the fairest, the most fun, and the most rewarding. That’s a fact and nothing more.

Our Tips and Tricks

Just because players are unable to do anything to increase their wins, and try to get around a random system, doesn’t mean that you aren’t able to increase your chances of winning by playing smart, using a few tips and tricks, and ultimately letting players manage a bankroll.

Betting High and Enough

Players should always be betting the maximum when they play online slots. At least, that’s always our opinion. The reason for this is because the pay outs are just better when you pay more. It means that when players max out the wager, all the paylines will be active, and all the paylines will pay out well.

What it also means is that if you were to win a bonus or a jackpot, you’ll get the full amount rather than a diminished amount of the pot. Some of the features might not even be activatable when you’re not playing the maximum, so beware of that!

Understand the Game

It may sound simple, but understanding the game is the best thing that a player can do when they decide to play online slots. The last thing that a player will want is for something to pop up only for them to have no idea what is going on with the game. This applies to all sorts of symbols that could appear.

If there’s a wild or a scatter, what does that mean? If you’ve won a bonus, does it go into a mini-game or do you just start winning? How many paylines will payout to you when you use a bonus spin? Any and all of these things could happen the next time you play.

Jackpots Where Possible

Casinos make a high house edge on online slots, in fact, more so than most other online casino games. The longer that you play, the more an online casino will take money from your bankroll. It makes logical sense then to play at games with big bonuses and jackpots, or even progressive jackpots.

The quicker that you can get into the slot, win, and get out the slot, the better it is for your bottom line. Obviously, people will always try to play to win jackpots, but actively trying to do so and playing the most coins they can will be the best steps to put yourself above the rest.

Claiming Bonuses

It could benefit you to claim bonuses or promotions whenever you play slots because you’ll be able to increase your bankroll either by a random amount or if you were to multiple your initial deposit.

Getting any kind of bonus will benefit your online slots career by giving you money that you can play with that will increase your bankroll, letting you play longer.

Test Often with Free Play

Free play slots and real money slots are pretty much identical. They both typically run as the same game and the only difference is that you won’t be able to win real money when you play for free.

The games have the same RNG, they play the same with reels, symbols, bonuses, and everything else. So you’ll either be winning or losing no matter whether you’re playing for free or for real money.

Managing a Bankroll

Managing your bankroll is one of the most important things that you can do at an online casino. As a player, being able to know exactly how much you can wager and at exactly what time you can wager is important. You want to designate how much you have to spend and how much you can afford to lose.

Stop When You Need To

When the game stops being fun, you should stop. Don’t chase any losses, don’t try to impress your friends with lucky spins, and don’t try to apply any kind of gambler’s fallacy to online slots.

Just because you’ve lost the last ten spins in a row doesn’t mean the next one is going to be a winner. Stop playing when you need to stop. And if you can’t stop, then seek help at one of the many available resources.

Learn the Pay Table

The pay table is the most important thing on any online slot machine. It tells you how you win, how much you can win and what combinations will help you to win. Pay attention to it, master it, and be aware of what’s needed to be a winner.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • ✅ How can I win real money playing online slots?

    You can easily win real money by playing online slots that are trustworthy, by choosing some of our recommended online casinos. As long as you’re playing for real money, or managed to get yourself a no deposit bonus, you’ll be able to play for real money and win.

  • ✅ Do I have a better chance playing real slots?

    You don’t have a better chance playing real slots, in fact, it’s quite the opposite. Online slots have got some of the highest RTP percentage of any other slots in the world, including those in land-based casinos, pubs or airports. If you’re a player who enjoys playing slots, then online slots are the way to go.

  • ✅ What’s the point to free online slots?

    Free online slots are the same types of games that you’ll know and love from trusted online casinos. These are the same types of games, whether you’re playing for free or for real money, nothing changes apart from being able to win. They all run on the same RNG too, so if you’re winning for free, you’ll be winning for money.

  • ✅ Can I play real money online slots for free?

    If you’ve managed to grab yourself a no deposit bonus code, then yes, you can play real money online slots for free. In this case, you might be limited to a withdrawal of a certain amount. If you do want to try the online slots for free, consider going free play. The slots play in exactly the same way.

  • ✅ How can my skills affect my winnings with slots?

    Simply put, they can’t There’s nothing that you can do to make sure that you do better than anyone else when the reels stop spinning. There are a couple of things you can do to make sure that you play as smart as possible though, and by following our tips and tricks, you’ll be able to do that.

  • ✅ Which slots tend to pay out the most?

    Players should always look for the best online slots with top RTP percentages. These will be the best kinds of slots that payout the most to players. Alternatively, some of the more popular progressive slots such as Mega Moolah are known to pay out quite a lot. Certain online casinos may also have a winner ticket that shows players winning on certain slots, these are also great to check from time to time.