Video Poker Bonus – Promotions 2023

Online video poker is an absolute blast! It’s one of the most entertaining games that you can play online that doesn’t have anyone else involved. It’s not down to other players on a table, nor is it down to the luck of the reels on a slot machine. Video poker has a fair amount of luck elements but if you follow some simple tips and tricks, then you’ll be able to win and have fun at the same time.

With Veritop, we know how hard it can be to get in touch with a new game and learn all about it. This page is dedicated to video poker bonuses and bonuses that involve and include video poker. Here you’ll find everything that you need to know about getting a good start with an online video poker bonus.

Playing Video Poker Online

Not to be confused with Bonus Poker, a game that is actually a specific variation of video poker, grabbing a bonus for online video poker is something that everyone should look to do if they intend to play online. If any player wants to start playing video poker online, then it’s always a good suggestion to get a little help in doing so.

Video poker is a fantastic game that is perhaps one of the more popular electronic games online and in person. Players get the added benefits and fun of playing a regular game of five card draw poker against a computer. In this way, you know that it’s not rigged as long as you’re playing at a trusted online casino, and you know that you’re able to do better if you have a solid strategy.

With video poker, you will place bets with coins per round. You can usually bet between one and five coins per round and each round will consist of the player getting five cards, and then be able to hold a selection. The held selection will stay for the next round, and when the player clicks draw, the cards that aren’t held will be swapped out for more. Then those will be the player’s five standing cards and the payout will be based off of that.

What is a Video Poker Bonus?

A video poker bonus is one such bonus that an online casino will provide to players free of charge, increasing their bankroll and giving them peace of mind to play for more coins and for longer. In turn, this will result in larger payouts and a prolonged sense of gameplay by being able to get completely accustomed to the game.

Don’t confuse this video poker bonus with free money though, it’s far from it. The casino will likely just double the first initial deposit that a player makes and then attach a wagering requirement to it. The player will get the money added to their casino account, making it look like they have twice as much, and then be able to go on and play.

It’s really important that players look through and read the bonus conditions first and foremost. Many online casinos will just offer a non-specific bonus and that’s fine, but players should be aware that video poker bonuses are specific to video poker in that they will allow players to get a full 100% counting towards their wagering requirement.

Finding a Bonus for Online Video Poker

There are very few online bonuses that apply specifically to online video poker. In fact, a large portion of bonuses will actually be quite nondescript at first, leading you to believe that you can play any kind of games with the bonus that you’re acquired. While this is true, there is a bit of fine print.

Some online casinos that offer video poker bonuses will specifically cater to the game which is great. But those that offer general bonuses, players should check to see whether or not video poker will count 100% towards the wagering requirement. The wagering requirement is something that we cover a little further down on this page.

Here are the general types of bonuses that players can earn when they sign up for a bonus at an online casino site:

Welcome Bonus

A welcome bonus is usually the first thing that any online casino will give to a player. This is the initial contact that is made where the casino first accepts the new player into their ranks and giving them a reward for joining. These welcome bonuses will usually be some kind of multiplier to the original bonus that a player deposits, and then be attached to wagering requirements between 30x and 50x the deposit.

Welcome bonuses are a good way for the online casino to make a good impression on players but also expand their bankroll as much as possible. These bonuses can sometimes go up to thousands of dollars, so they are really lucrative.

No Deposit Bonus

It’s exceedingly difficult to find a no deposit bonus in this climate, but it’s even more difficult to find one that works for video poker. Sometimes, online casinos will refrain from giving no deposit bonus codes to players who play video poker purely because the house edge is too high before a player even begins.

Either way, these bonuses will only require that a player registers at the online casino and then they’ll be able to claim it. It’s usually a small, nominal fee, somewhere in the region of $50 or less, and if a player does manage to win a substantial amount, the withdrawal limit is usually capped. Any player could go in, winning a jackpot, only to not be able to claim the majority of it.

Reload Bonus

If a player has been at an online casino for some time, then they’ll probably be able to claim a reload bonus. This isn’t specific to certain criteria, but it lends itself to being something of an “existing members bonus”.

These kinds of bonuses can range to anything from 100 free spins with a deposit on the favorite slot on a Monday, to doubling a deposit on a Sunday just for kicks. These types of bonuses will chop and change often depending on the casino, so they aren’t really reliable but can still help out in a pinch.

Refer a Friend Bonus

Most casinos offer a refer a friend bonus, and the ones that do will often give you and your friend some money to use as a bonus. Usually this kind of deposit is a marginal sum at best and will require that your friend or family member that has signed up, will make a deposit of at least a certain amount.

One of the positive things about a referral bonus is that because you’ve brought a new player to the casino who has signed up and deposited money and is ready to play, you likely won’t be subject to any kind of wagering requirements that you would usually get with other bonuses.

The Wagering Requirement Attached

A wagering requirement is something that is attached to the online casino bonus that players claim that protects the casino. Instead of players just jumping into the online casino, claiming a bonus and then jumping out and cashing in their chips, players will need to go through the wagering requirement.

Usually, the wagering requirement will require players to play through a certain multiple of the bonus they’ve withdrawn. For example, if a player claims a $10 bonus with their deposit and the playthrough requirement is 30x, players will need to play through $300 before they can bank their real money winnings.

Being Part of a VIP Program

We always find that it pays good dividends to join up with a VIP or Loyalty program. These programs will often give players exclusive bonuses, prizes, or preferential treatment. It’s definitely something that all players should want given how many online casino players are out there. Some of them also offer priority support, and most are free to join.

It doesn’t really make any sense not to be part of such a program if a player plans to put a lot of time into the online casino. If you’re doing it anyway, then you might as well sign up to claim all of the good things they offer.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can I claim a video poker bonus?

    Getting a video poker bonus added to your account is just as easy as getting any other kind of bonus. All you’ll need to do is sign up to an online casino account and then select which bonus you’d like to claim. From there, the first deposit you make will allow you to get the bonus. Usually these are instant with bonus codes, but often you’ll need to speak to the cashier too.

  • Is it possible to win real money on video poker?

    It’s most certainly possible to win real money playing video poker. All you’ll need to do is head on over to an online casino that offers real money video poker and you’ll be good to go. Bear in mind, you’ll usually have to play with real money in order to win it, but sometimes you’re able to play and win using a no deposit bonus code, something which is rather rare.

  • What are the best video poker games to play?

    There aren’t really any “best” video poker games to play. Jacks or Better is probably the most popular in the online video poker world because it’s easy to play and straightforward to grasp. It also has a high RTP percentage. Games like Deuces Wild or Bonus Poker are also quite popular in the video poker world.

  • How safe is online video poker?

    You can’t be cheated in online video poker provided that you are playing at an online casino that is fair and trustworthy. How do you check this? By reading copious amounts of reviews on the site, making sure that they have all the required certificates and have been approved by the local gambling bodies.

  • What is a wagering requirement?

    With any online bonus you’ll usually see a wagering requirement that is attached to the online casino bonus. This is the casino’s way of making sure that you’re playing enough to justify them giving you so much money as a bonus. What it does, is makes sure that you play through the amount you’ve been given, so that you can’t just walk away with the casino’s money, you have to play through it first.

  • Is it a good idea to claim a welcome bonus?

    While the wagering requirements can sometimes be a little tricky to navigate, getting a welcome bonus is a fantastic way to make sure that your bankroll is bigger, letting you play for longer. It also gives you the ability to play for the same amount of time you were planning to play, but increase your bets and wagers so that you can earn more from the games you’re playing.