About Us

This is NOT your average casino review site! Veritop is an expert team of professionals and gamblers who are creating the ULTIMATE Reference Guide for online gamblers to find the most accurate, honest, and objective casino reviews on the internet. 

We keep our reviews transparent and unbiased, only delivering current and informative details, so that players can find the latest information on thousands of casinos quickly, from a source they trust.

We are committed to our readers and our platform is written for players by players. We don’t work for the casinos and only offer objective feedback on all the casinos we have played at ourselves with zero affiliation with any casino. 

The foundation that Veritop is built on has three pillars: honesty, reliability, and objectivity. We aim to provide a high quality platform aligned with these core values. 

This is an inclusive platform and our expert team reviews and recommends casinos from multiple regions throughout the world. No matter where our readers are from, the global community of online gambling is international and so is Veritop! 

Affiliate Disclaimer/ Honesty Policy

Veritop is a platform for educational and information services regarding online casinos such as reviews, recommendations, and advice for users. Our website is created to help readers make an informed decision of which casino is best for them based on their interests and preferences. We are committed to honesty and transparency in all of our reviews and recommendations and never recommend anything we have not tried ourselves. Any information we share is current and up to date at time of writing. 

Ratings System

Our expert team considers a variety of metrics to rate and review online casinos. We deliver our unbiased judgement on the following metrics, which have been determined as valuable factors that are most important for players to consider in choosing their next casino.

We evaluate the level of security and trustworthiness of a casino as one of the top priorities in supporting the user’s gaming experience. With our expertise, we can spot casinos that smell like trouble and not recommend them to our users. We are dedicated to the player and our mission of being the best resource out there for casino reviews and recommendations. 

Game collection is another metric we consider in our reviews and since we play at all the casinos ourselves, we can determine which casino has the best platform for players with all types of interests and preferred games. Not all games are created alike and not all gaming collections are great. Each casino is different and so players will find different gaming libraries. We report on all the details of which games each casino has and what gamblers will find when they play there. 

Ease of play, casino design, and user experience factor into our ranking so that readers know which platforms are the best designed for the player in mind. Our expert team collectively has decades worth or experience in this area so we know exactly what to look for and share our insights with our readers. No time is wasted when readers check our reviews. We got the dish on everything players want to know. 

Payments and withdrawals experience is another key area that we assess in our reviews so readers know what to expect when withdrawing a payout. We all want an easy and simple process with our money and we make sure readers know where they can have the best experience with their finances. With these metrics, we cover all the bases and no stone is left unturned in our reviews. We have detailed and comprehensive write ups about each of the casinos. 

Our Team

The team at Veritop is a handpicked team of industry experts and professionals who all bring something unique to the table. Each one offers a skill or insight that is unique and valued. Without our team, we wouldn’t have Veritop! 

Matthias is an avid gambler who has played at some of the most prominent and renowned poker tournaments around the world. He also spent 15 years in the industry as a software game developer for top providers in the field and has since left the corporate world to join the team at Veritop and create something for players like himself. He is an industry expert through and through who is obsessed with surfing and when he’s not working, you can find him at the beach. 

Ella has a background in mathematics and a PhD in game design. She joined the team at Veritop because it combines her love of gaming with the freedom to travel the world. She offers her expert opinion on fair gameplay and game design. 

Mark is the legal brains behind the team and knows the in’s and out’s of gambling laws and regulation from his time working as a lawyer in the field. He can sniff out something fishy from a mile away and that’s why he’s the man with the plan. We trust him to offer his legal advice regarding online casinos and gambling so that our readers get the best information possible.

Bartholomew is a software programmer prodigy who has been working in the iGaming industry his entire life. His love of games started as a young child and when he played his first poker game, he was hooked. He’s since dedicated his life to the gambling industry and knows all the trends before anybody else. His expert guidance steers the ship at Veritop. Oh, and he knows all the best memes. 

Betsy is a professional gambler and currently in school to receive her doctorate in Psychology. She is a well-seasoned gambler who loves to play at all the different casinos around the world when she has the time. She is our resident slots expert and knows everything there is to do with slots.  

Frequently Asked Questions

  • ℹ️ How do you rank your casinos on the list?

    Each online casino on our list goes through a carefully calculated vetting process that allows us to rank each of them individually from what we see as the best, to the ones that we think are the worst. In short, if we can’t see ourselves playing there, we wouldn’t recommend it to anyone else. It’s as simple as that!

  • ℹ️ How can a casino improve their ranking?

    The only way that an online casino can improve their ranking in our eyes is if they comply with all of our guidelines and improve upon their status. This means, they’ll need to ensure payments are quicker through more standard banking options, games are better and more varied, there’s more compatibility available for different devices, and the reputation has improved from users and reviews across the board.

  • ℹ️ What makes the Veritop ranking meaningful?

    We are casino goers and experts ourselves so we know where people should be playing and what they should look out for. This is why our rankings mean so much. We are players and look out for other players.

  • ℹ️ What about affiliates?

    Every online casino site that makes recommendations will likely use affiliates, as do we. We make a point of ensuring that all of our affiliate partners are ranked in a fair way, so even if a casino is a partner of ours, they’ll still need to abide by our strict guidelines in order to make the list.

  • ℹ️ Can casinos buy their way into top rankings?

    With some sites, they most certainly can. Many of the top online casino comparison sites that you see out there today will often just put their primary partner at the top of their lists, despite what is mentioned. You can often see this where the best casino they list, has a lower ranking than the one below it.