Free Online BlackJack

There are very few things in this world that are better than getting an ace and seeing your next card pop up as a king, queen, or jack. Getting that 21 on the board can be incredibly satisfying and those that experience it, can attest to how amazing it is each and every time.

That’s luck, sure. But blackjack is about more than just luck, it’s about skill too. There are a number of things that you can do to win a little more than usual, and some strategy that is involved in doing so. Playing on free online blackjack games is where you can practice your different strategies, watching what the dealer puts down and see who is playing ahead or behind of you. On, we have attractive black jack games for you, try them all! 

Why Play for Free

Playing for free can teach you what you need to know about a game as complicated and intricate as blackjack. It may sound like an easy game, just to get to 21, but it’s never as easy as that. When you enjoy free blackjack, you’ll be able to do a bunch of things that you maybe wouldn’t do usually when playing for real money.

People have a tendency to stick to what they know and will usually do as habit. With blackjack, that can be a good thing, but there is always something new to learn and there’s always a different kind of technique to use. The game can be different depending on how many people are at the table, the type of blackjack it is, and what position you are on the table.

Having Fun

Having fun is definitely what it’s all about and while real money blackjack and free online blackjack can give you the fun you’ll likely want, real money blackjack isn’t always fun… This is what happens when you’re losing. Sometimes you wake up and you’re not in the best of moods, you decide to spend a few bucks gambling online, and it feels like nothing is working for you.

You’re not alone! This happens to everyone. This is the perfect time for you to slow it down, or stop. Sometimes it’s better not to play than it is to play and get angry about it. It’s actually another perk into playing online for free. If you’re just dying to play some online blackjack but you’re not winning, the cards aren’t right for you, and you’re just generally being unlucky, then free online blackjack is just as fun.

Learning the Rules

If you’re someone who is new to blackjack or perhaps has played a few hands here and there, but isn’t quite ready to dive into the deep end of online blackjack for real money, then free online blackjack could be perfect for you. It’ll give you a chance to hone your skills and ensure that you make the right decisions when playing for real.

Blackjack should be second nature for you if you want to have a chance at winning. That can only be done when you’re playing the right cards at the right times. If the dealer is showing a specific card and you have a good shot at winning, you should try your best to take that win.

Discovering Strategies

With enough time and practice, you’ll be able to play the perfect game of blackjack by the numbers. Of course, sometimes, that’s just not enough because your luck is out. But when you know and understand why you’re doing what you’re doing, it’s easy to fall into habit and make a win out of many hands.

Should you split two queens? The statistics say that you shouldn’t, it doesn’t matter what the dealer is showing. If you have 12 in your hand and the dealer is showing 6, do you hit? Most people would. The answer is no! The dealer is more likely to pick up two or three big cards to bust, and you’ll have won with your 12.

The Solutions to Play for Free

Sadly, in online casino blackjack, you won’t be able to count the cards. Whether you’re playing for real money or for free, counting the cards just isn’t going to work. Most online casinos will use a single deck that is shuffled in each hand through RNG. If you did happen to play live casino blackjack, you might be able to do some form of counting through video stream, but this won’t be available for free play most of the time.

One thing you definitely can do is try to make your strategies work. If you’re in a bad spot and the table offers surrender, then take it. If you have two of the same value and want to split it, then understand why you’re splitting and how it benefits you. Come to grips with different strategies without taking any risks.

The Games on Our Site

The games that you find on Veritop will usually range from game to game, but there is a lot of blackjack to play. You’ll find many different variants of games, but if you happen to stick to the free ones, you will usually just have one type.

Free Bonuses

If you’re able to, get yourself a free bonus. When you can find yourself a free online bonus that gives you extra money to spend and perhaps even add to your bankroll in blackjack, it’ll go far. This money will usually come with a wagering requirement though, so it may require that you play a little more than normal and spend a little more than you intend to.

Free vs. Real Money Games

Some people might tell you that there is a distinct difference between free games and real money games. To be honest, that’s quite true, but only if you compare the two directly. One is played for credits and the other is played for real money. That’s about it though.

The comparison between the two is isn’t an easy one to make because they are both particularly similar. The table is the same, the cards, the dealers, everything. The rules are identical too, you won’t actually get any different rules for real money than you would for free. The game functions in exactly the same way.

In truth, the software that the game is developed on with real money gameplay is the same as the software used for free blackjack games. That means that you’ll have the same audited games, with similar RNG that will make it just as good as the real thing.

Our Opinion on Free Games

We love free games. It’s as simple as that. We feel that they are an important part to any online casino journey and anyone new to the gambling industry should do their best to play these games as often as they can. It’ll get you accustomed to the games, how they work and give you vital information into how to play the game and ways to win.

Veritop likes to promote free games and you’ll be able to find a bunch of free games right here on our site too. These games will give you the same percentages to win and return to player that you may expect to be given in real money casinos too. Try them now and see for yourself!


Blackjack is definitely not as easy as it looks. Sometimes, you can definitely get lucky in the game and it can really pay out from time to time. The trick is to try and capitalize on as many hands as you can. The dealer isn’t going to win everything, even though it feels like sometimes the dealer gets incredibly lucky.

This is why we urge people to try free online casino blackjack. It prepares you for what’s going to be coming in the real money version of the game. Everything that you see in the game will be legit and it will give you a fair indication of just how much you can win or lose in the real money comparison.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • 🔥 Where can I find free online blackjack?

    Free online blackjack can be found in many places, one of which is right here. At Veritop, we’ll direct you to some of the world’s best online casinos, but we’ll also provide you with some free games at your fingertips. These games have been audited and vetted by world-leading independent auditors to ensure their authenticity.

  • 🔥 Are there any downloads for free blackjack?

    It depends on whether or not you’d want to download anything. Usually free online blackjack games are played through your browser or mobile device, loading right then and there when you want to play. You could also find free blackjack to download and play, but that’s not likely something you’ll get at an online casino and may not be as accurate.

  • 🔥 Can I play against other players with free blackjack?

    Free blackjack is usually played solo against the computer. There’s very little drive for players to have a community game when there is no real money at stake. If you do switch to real money blackjack though, you’ll be met by hundreds of different players from all over.

  • 🔥 How can I switch to real money blackjack?

    It’s as simple as heading to an online casino that you trust, making an account and then depositing money. If you’re playing free blackjack now at one of your favorite sites, then it makes sense to switch over to real money games and stick with the same casino.