Privacy Policy

We, at Veritop (the “Company”, “we” or “us”), process personal data about our users and the visitors to our websites (“user” or “customer”). We are committed to protecting the privacy of our customers and make all efforts to handle personal data with security and care, in compliance with data protection laws. 

This Privacy Policy was written to inform the user on how their personal information and data is managed, collected, and used throughout the visit to our site, which provides informational services regarding online casinos and the online gambling industry (“services”). 

Our recommendation to the user is to read this Privacy Policy thoroughly and make informed decisions based on the information presented. The user has the prerogative to lodge a complaint with the local data protection authority, but we also request that they contact us initially with any concerns.


This Privacy Policy will cover the following information:

  • What type of information do we gather
  • Cookies policy
  • What do we do with the information we gather
  • Who do we share the information with
  • What is the duration of time we keep the information
  • What measures we take to protect personal data
  • Minors
  • How to get in touch with us

What type of information do we collect?

One type of information we collect is what we call un-identified/non-identifiable information as it relates to the user(s). This may be collected from the customer’s general usage of our services and their interaction with our site(“non-personal information”) This is information that does not identify the user based on the data. 

For better services and functionality of our website, including enhanced user experience, we collect information that is transmitted by the user’s computer (via third-party cookies) and includes technical details such as hardware and software information. This information may include the user’s language preference, when they accessed our website, the domain site from which they accessed our website, what browser type and operating system the website was accessed from, and more. 

In addition to this information, we also collect data on what the user does on our website, or user activity. This might include information such as what webpages did they view, how much time they spend on each page, information about their click activity, what actions they take on the website, and browsing activity. The collection of this data is purely for our analytics and research about customer usage of our website to enhance and build a better product for our users. 

We also take steps to remove any identifying personal information from this collected data so that the standalone information cannot identify the user. There are no restrictions to our use and disclosure of this de-identified information under this Privacy Policy and we retain the authorization to share and disclose it to others without any restrictions, for any and all functions. 

In addition to Non-Personal Information, we collect information that may identify the user (“Personal Information”).  This information can be collected in a variety of ways, such as through the user’s interaction with our site by signing up for any email newsletters or posting a comment that shares the user’s personal information that can then identify the user. 

Additional Personal Information that we collect may occur when customers use different features of our site such as live chat function or submitting posts, comments, complaints, opinions, and more. When registering for an account, we also collect the following Personal Information:

  • Name
  • Gender
  • Age 
  • Occupation
  • Date of birth
  • Email address
  • IP address
  • Location data
  • Phone number
  • Password
  • IP address
  • Location data
  • Website usage

We may also collect information about the user’s device and hardware with which they access our website. If any Personal Information is linked with Non-Personal Information, the combined data will be handled as Personal Information so long as the two remain linked. 


We utilize cookies and other web technologies to gather, store, gather, trace, and analyze specific data and information regarding customer visits to our website and their engagement with our website.

A cookie is a segment of data that is kept on the user’s computer and has information regarding the customer’s access and activity to the website. The purpose of a cookie is multi-faceted, but namely for our objectives they allow the user to more efficiently transition through different parts of our website, enable auto-actions of specific features on our website, and store the user’s preferences to make the customer’s navigation of our website more efficient and convenient. 

There are different types of cookies that our website uses. The first is a ‘session cookie’. This type is temporary and enhances the customer’s experience of the website in one browsing session. After the browsing session is closed, the cookie is deleted from the customer’s device. The second is a ‘persistent cookie’. Using this type in our sites enhances the customer’s repeated experience of the site so even after a browsing session is closed, these are saved on the user’s device. They are read-only by our site and not shared with third parties. The last cookie we use is “third-party cookie”. These cookies are from other sites such as analytics companies who are interested in tracking the customer’s access and engagement with the website for their own analysis purposes. 

Although the customer has the power to remove or cancel cookies and can find instructions to do so on their browser, it may be advantageous to keep them enabled as many of the features of our website require cookies to deliver the best experience possible. Some features of our website may not work properly and limit the customer experience. To learn more about cookies, we suggest interested customers visit and read the following website:

There are additional features such as widgets and other technology that may collect certain data, mostly non-personal information, related to our users’ browsing activity. These types of technologies are utilized on our website for a number of purposes related to our daily operations, improvement of our service for the user’s personal preferences, and to provide diagnostic and analytic tools for our purposes. 

How we use the information we gather

We only use the customer’s personal data within the boundaries of the law and abide by all lawful methods. We use customer’s personal data for the following as necessitated by our legitimate interests for our Services: 

  • To meet any lawful obligation or exercise our legal rights
  • To render our Services
  • To create and manage the user’s account with our website
  • To communicate with the customer, including answering any queries they may have related to the website or keep users informed of updates such as with an email newsletter or other promotional and marketing materials
  • To maintain, troubleshoot, or otherwise support our website Services
  • For actions necessary for the best interests of our Services that do not override the interests and rights of the user
  • For actions that have been allowed by the user’s expressed consent for the processing of their personal data
  • For analysis purposes to improve our Services and website, along with user experience
  • To better improve advertisements for the User and more specifically target their personal preference

In regards to Non-personal Information, this is utilized by us for analysis purposes:

  • For analysis in order to improve and tailor our Services to our customers’ needs and preferences
  • To implement tests regarding possible changes to our Services and make subsequent improvements based on these tests

Disclosure of Personal Information

We do not disclose (this includes trading or selling) user’s Personal Information with any third parties, except where we have mentioned it explicitly in this Privacy Policy. 

We may disclose certain Personal Information or any other information customers submit if we have reason to believe that the disclosure of that specific information may be helpful or necessary for compliance with any laws, lawful process, regulation, or request by a government; necessary for investigation in relation to any illegal activities; safeguard against any harm to the rights and property of us or our users; or to exercise our legal rights of defense against any lawful claims. 

Third party collection of information

Our Privacy Policy does not apply to any other third party’s sites or business. 

Users are knowingly consenting to the assumption of any and all risks in using any third party sites or service. 

How do We Protect and Secure User Information?

We are committed and dedicated to maintaining the security and integrity of our Services and users’ related information. By utilizing industry-standard policies, practices, and procedures we ensure the safety of our customers’ information. By utilizing Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology among others, we are able to protect against unauthorized use of our customers’ information. 

Since we are a global business company, at times we may deem it necessary to relay users’ Personal Information to outside countries. Sometimes, these countries may not afford the same level of data protection to customers and in these cases, we will take certain necessary steps to our greatest capacity to offer comparable protection of user data to all. We only transfer customers’ Personal Information to other countries that offer a similar level of protection for user Personal Data. For any users who feel that their privacy was not upheld according to this Policy, please contact us directly via email, which customers can find on our contact page. 

In the event of a security breach of users’ Personal Data, we are committed to doing our due diligence to inform all users as required to do so in accordance with the law. We have measures in place to deal with such a security breach and will follow the process as outlined.  

For how long do we retain the information we gather?

We will save customers’ Personal Data for the duration as necessary for our purposes as outlined above in this Policy unless otherwise instructed by the customer. In some cases, this extends to a certain period for legal, tax, or accounting purposes but also factors in the volume, nature, and sensitivity of the Personal Data and the risk of harm from unapproved access or use of Personal Data. When users’ Personal Data is no longer required, we will dispose of it securely or make it anonymous so it cannot be traced or linked back to the customer. 

At any moment, customers can request to edit, change, update, or delete their Personal Information by emailing us. Data that is required by law for us to retain cannot be erased. 

Users have the following rights to their Personal Data

  • The right to request access
  • The right to request edit and correction
  • The right to request transfer of
  • The right to take away consent
  • The right to request deletion of
  • The right to oppose to processing of
  • The right to request a copy
  • The right to be given information about data, such as the content, the usage, and who it is disclosed to
  • The right to confirm whether we are processing Personal Data
  • The right to restrict personal data where its accuracy is in questions or it is no longer necessary for its purpose

There is no fee to retrieve users’ personal data or to exercise any of the above rights, unless the request is unfounded or excessive, in which case we reserve the authorization to charge a reasonable fee or refuse to comply with the request. 

To retrieve their personal data, the user may need to provide specific information as requested by us to assist in confirmation of the user identity and ensure users’ prerogative to access. This is to maintain data security and integrity to ensure that the person making the request has the right to receipt of the information. We reserve the right to contact the user for further information related to the request. 

We aim to respond within one month to all legitimate requests, but this processing period may be longer. If so, we are committed to communicating and will notify the user of the process.


The Services we render are not applicable nor designed for users under the age of 18 and any minors should not utilize our business or provide any of their Personal Information. 

In the event that a customer is discovered to be a minor, any of their Personal Information will be confiscated. We reserve the right to obtain and use any Personal Information collected from users to verify this information. 

Corporate Transaction

Information, such as Personal Information, may be shared in the event of a corporate transaction, in which case the acquiring company will assume any rights and obligations as outlined in this Privacy Policy

Data Security

We are committed to user security of their Personal Information and have placed applicable security measures so that users’ Personal Data will not be lost, accessed, or breached without authorization. Access to users’ Personal Data is limited to those who have a business need to know and will process the data per our instructions and with utmost confidentiality. In the case of any data breach, we will notify all users as required to do so. 


We reserve the right to revise or edit this Privacy Policy at any time at our discretion. An updated, accurate, and current Privacy Policy will be posted on our website. 

Contact Information

Any users who have questions regarding our Services, the Privacy Policy, or any of the information that we collect may contact us by email. Visit our contact page for more information on how to get in touch with our customer support team.