Free Online Roulette

Roulette is a game for the big players. Whether it’s real money or free online roulette, it’s the game that separates the risk-takers from those that play it safe. Not only because you can win so much on a single number, but because the game can be played the way you would like to play it. Standing a chance to multiply your bet by so much, is a thrilling concept.

Of course, you don’t need to be someone who takes risks to enjoy roulette. There are those that play the odds and evens or colors, and those players have just as good a chance as any to enjoy themselves. You can start your online casino journey today with free online roulette. You’ll be able to have a blast while learning the game, and when you’re ready, migrate over to real money gambling. On our website, you will find plenty of free roulette available just for our visitors.

Why Play for Free

This is a question that is often asked to those that are rather new to online casino play. “Why would you play for free? It doesn’t count for anything, you don’t win any money, and besides, the free games are rigged.” This couldn’t be further from the truth! In actual fact, many players have won money on free online roulette by claiming no deposit bonus codes, and others enjoy the game for its likeness to the real money comparison.

People play free online roulette because it gives them a chance to master their strategies. Roulette is nothing if not a game based on strategy. The odds aren’t in your favor, but you’re only out of favor ever so slightly. This means that if you can manage to lose a little less than most, you should be able to pull some profit from the game.

Free online roulette teaches this to you and allows you perfect your game plan and establish bets and strategies. Then when you do finally make your way over to real money online roulette, you’ll be good to go.

Having Fun

Having fun is what it’s all about. Free online roulette puts you into the position to learn about what you’re doing and playing for the hell of it. The goal, at the end of the day, whether you’re playing free online roulette or real money roulette is to have fun. If you’re doing it to try and win money, then you’re doing it for the wrong reason.

Learning the Rules

Everyone will tell you that the first thing you should do when you play is to learn the rules as best you can. You should be in a position where you know everything about the game, from the bets to the payouts, and the best way to do that without spending hundreds of thousands of dollars is to play free online roulette. There’s no losing there because the money isn’t real!

Discovering Strategies

Strategies like the Martingale, D’Alembert and the Fibonacci are some of the most popular roulette strategies. It pays to learn them well, and to use them when you feel comfortable doing so. The reason they are the best strategies is because they work. It’s as simple as that. It won’t turn you into someone who wins the rest of your roulette games for life, but it’ll let you win a little more than normal, and that’s the key.

The Solutions to Play for Free

Finding free online roulette games can be tough, especially when you’re on the lookout for ones that are trustworthy and reliable. It’s not easy to find them unless you’re looking at trusted online casinos who have trusted software providers.

With Veritop’s list of the best online roulette sites around, not only will you be able to find the top roulette sites, but you’ll get a chance to play some roulette games right here on our site. From time to time, in and amongst the best online roulette you can play, we’ll give you information about bonuses, free games, varieties of free roulette and so much more.

The Games on Our Site

With online roulette, the basics of the game remain largely the same. You have a wheel that spins, it lands on a number and that corresponding number wins. Where it differs is that the games can be played in a number of variations. Whether you have French or American roulette, there’s multi-wheel, live roulette, roulette pro and so much more.

Some of them won’t be able to be played for free though, and that’s not ideal. But once you’ve understood the basics of the game, then playing on the different kinds of roulette variations shouldn’t actually feel too different. It’ll set you up nicely for the next few stages of online gambling.

Free Bonuses

There are so many free bonuses that you can get when playing online roulette. The best types of bonuses, such as the no deposit bonus, will give you a bonus absolutely free, without needing you to make any deposit. Despite how good that sounds, there is still a limitation on the maximum withdrawal amount.

Free vs. Real Money Games

Many people will tell you that free roulette and real money roulette aren’t the same. This is entirely untrue! In terms of the rules of the game, how it functions, and its RNG, free roulette and real money roulette are identical.

When comparing the two, you’ll be presented with exactly the same table, betting structure and every other detail you could ask for. The only difference is that you’ll start with a set amount of free credits as opposed to the money you deposit in your casino bank account.

This is what makes free online roulette absolutely ideal because you’re practicing for the real thing. We can’t stress this point enough, playing for free and not having any fear of losing real money is rather enjoyable.

Our Opinion on Free Games

In terms of statistics, in online roulette you have got a 48.60% chance to win on European roulette when you bet on the 1:1 payout bet. These are things like evens and odds, red and blacks, lows and highs. The odds are a little better than American roulette because there’s only a single 0 that belongs to the dealer.

When you compare those odds to the odds of other types of games, it’s easy to see why online roulette is a firm favorite. It pays to learn the game well. This is why we love free games so much and will try as hard as we can to put those games right in front of you. We want you to be good at roulette and make a killing, we want to help as much as we can. And we do this by advising and recommending the best online casinos that we can find.


Roulette is a beautiful game. It doesn’t happen very often when you can put down a single bet on a single number, have it pop up, and then it’ll payout substantially. We love to play different kinds of online casino games, and we really enjoy the free varieties.

You don’t need to risk your own money with free online roulette, and we feel like that’s the way it should be. If you’re able to get a bonus that gives you a early start to your online bets, then it’ll be a big help.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • 🔥 How do you play free roulette?

    Free roulette is played just like every other version of the game. You’ll be presented with a roulette table as usual, and you’ll be given free credit or chips to use. There’s usually a limit with the chips that you have, but you’ll be able to place bets just as usual. This is where you can practice everything you want to practice with roulette.

  • 🔥 What can you win by hitting your number in free online roulette?

    If you hit your lucky number in roulette, you’ll win big! Having a chip on a single number that lands is called a Straight Up, and it pays 35-1. Other bets will pay less, but you can do quite well if you bet between numbers too. Putting your money between two or four numbers can net you a pretty big profit if you cover a section of the table.

  • 🔥 How does free roulette compare?

    Free online roulette is precisely the same as normal online roulette. You’ll find that there won’t be any differences in terms of bets, RNG, or anything else. It’s the same kind of playing that you’ll be used to with real money roulette.

  • 🔥 Is free roulette easy to play?

    We may go so far as to say that free roulette is easier to play because when you do so, you don’t have to worry about losing any real money. The game is the same as it is with online roulette.

  • 🔥 Is roulette all luck?

    Roulette is luck. The numbers are not rigged, numbers will be completely random whenever they show up on the wheel. There’s no getting past that. As a result of it being completely random, it does allow you as a player to win a little more often when you go with statistics and numbers.