Terms Of Service

Welcome to veritop.org (the “Site”, the “Company”, “we”, “our”, or “us”).

These Terms of Service apply to the user’s use of our Site and Services as we shall define below. The Terms of Service are applied in conjunction with our Privacy Policy (the “Privacy Policy”). The Privacy Policy will be included in our Terms of Service and these two will jointly be referred to as the “Agreement”, which is a legal and binding agreement between the user and us and will govern our relationship. 

In this agreement, the “user”, “customer”, or “player” refers to any person who uses and engages with the Site or Services. 

It is important that all users review the Privacy Policy outlined on our Site prior to their usage of our Site and its Services. 

Users consent to the terms and conditions outlined in the Agreement and agree to its terms. 

1.General Terms

1.1 Our Site is a purveyor of unbiased information meant to inform and provide guidance to any person who is interested in online gambling and online casinos. This is not for individuals who are providers of online gambling services. Any and all information dispersed on our Site is purely informational and should not be considered as advice for legal purposes. 

1.2 We are committed to providing accurate information on the Site but due to the changing nature of online gambling, which can shift from day to day and is constantly in flux, the accuracy of the information presented cannot be guaranteed. We hold no liability for any damages that may result from the usage of the information provided on our Site. 

1.3 The Site may contain links to third-party and external websites. We hold no liability for the content of third-party and external websites and encourage users to thoroughly read all terms and conditions of any third-party websites prior to engaging in any gambling activities on their site. 

1.4. When the User accesses and engages with the Site, they give their consent to the Agreement, which includes the Terms and Conditions as well as the Privacy Policy. By giving their consent, he or she is confirmed to understand the Agreement and agree to abide by them. 

1.5 We inform any user whose personal data is processed through our Site, that by consenting to the Privacy Policy, they also consent to the processing of their Personal Data as is necessary for the proper and correct use of the Site in observing these Terms and Conditions. For more information regarding the processing of Users’ Personal Data, see our Privacy Policy. 

1.6 Any user who accesses and engages with our site as a natural person is also verifying and confirming that they are at least 18 years of age with full legal capacity at the time of access. Our site is restricted to anyone under 18 years of age or the legal minimum age for online gambling in the local jurisdiction of the User. It is the responsibility of the User to determine for themselves whether their jurisdiction allows legal online gambling, as well as verify any additional legal requirements that are in place. 

Only users over the age of 18 or whatever minimum age in the local legal jurisdiction may use our Site and its corresponding Services. The content and material of our Site and Services are not designed for anybody who is a minor and under legal age. It is not designed to appeal to those who are a minor or under legal age. Any users who are under the legal age should immediately cease using our Site and SErvices. 

1.7 We may restrict access to the whole Site or certain content and parts of the Site to certain Users accessing from specific countries at our discretion. This is in order to be in compliance with local legal jurisdiction. 

1.8 If a user discovers any inaccurate information on our Site and/or feels that any part of the Site is not in compliance with the local legal legislation of the User, we invite them to contact us directly by email, which can be found on our contact page. We are committed to acting within the bounds of the legal law of all countries from which Users access our Site. 

1.9. If any part of the Terms and Conditions or Privacy Policy is not aligned with the local legal jurisdiction of the country of the User, the remaining parts of the Agreement are still valid and applicable. 

1.10 Veritop text, content, trademarks, and logos that are published on our Website make up our intellectual property. The text, content, trademarks, and logos of gambling providers, online casinos, and payment providers are the intellectual property of the respective operators and subject to applicable intellectual property rights. The text, content, trademarks, and logos of gambling providers, online casinos, and payment providers are published on our Site for the sole purpose of referring Users to the services rendered. 

1.11 Our Service may have some translation provided by Google. All warranties related to the translations are disclaimed by Google. 

Veritop does not condone any of the information provided on our Site to be used for any illicit or illegal activities. The text, content, and services we provide are strictly for informational and/or entertainment purposes and not be considered as legal advice. Veritop is an unbiased and independent reviewer of gambling services and online casinos and provides a highly comprehensive informational service regarding gambling expertise. Veritop cannot be held liable or responsible for any damages that may be caused by the usage of our content and materials. 

Any and all trademarks mentioned within this Agreement belong to their owners. We own all content, materials, graphics, forms, images, pictures, graphics, data, software, documentation, text, audio, and any other content and materials that are made available on the Site. Users agree to not delete or edit any proprietary or copyright notice on the site content. This includes

The content of Veritop’s Website and Services are copyrighted by Veritop and any copies made of this content will also retain any copyright policies and other proprietary notices that are contained within this Agreement. 

The content and trademarks of this Site are under the protection of copyright and other intellectual property rights. Users acknowledge and agree that using our Services does not give them any rights to the trademarks or Site Content. 

The users of this Site may not replicate, share, or edit any information on this Site in any way. Any technology, offering, service, or process held within this document might be protected under intellectual property rights reserved by Veritop and therefore may not be licensed. 

Veritop has the right to reject any requests for removal of content at their own discretion, except for circumstances in which the content might be incorrect, harmful, obscene, hateful, threatening, discriminatory, vulgar, or invasive of somebody’s privacy or is otherwise in violation of international law. 

  1. Acceptance of the Agreement 

Any user who does not agree to these Agreements as outlined here should immediately cease their usage of our Site and Services. 

The Agreement may be edited or changed by us from time to time and any additional changes will be made into effect as of 14 days of its publication on our Site. This may occur earlier than 14 days if required by law or regulation. All users agree that their usage and access to our Site after such a period will be considered as their voluntary acceptance of the edits and changes made to the agreement. It is incumbent upon the user to make sure they are aware of the accurate conditions of the Agreement as outlined here and it is therefore recommended that all users check the Agreement, including both the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy, from time to time on a regular basis. 

It is up to our discretion to end or temporarily suspend any user’s usage of our Site or Services for any reason and at any time. This includes if a user breaches any term of the Agreement and there will be zero financial compensation to the user. 

  1. The Services

The Site and Services is an informational website that provides detailed information regarding online casinos, online gambling, and online casino games. Our Site and Services are for informational purposes only and are dispersed for free. We do not accept any wagers or bets and do not own or operate an online casino or gambling platform. 

  1. User Content 

Users may share, post, email, upload any materials on the site but bear sole responsibility for the Content. We, our Site, and our affiliates have zero liability with the user in regards to their User Content. The user hereby waives any and all claims against us or our affiliates in respect to this clause. When the user gives the content to our Site, they are allowing us and our affiliates total, perpetual, irreversible, transferable license to us regarding their content, with which we may edit, distribute, copy, share, display, edit, modify, exploit, translate, or handle in any manner without any compensation to the user at all. The user will also agree to relinquish all moral rights to the User Content. They acknowledge and agree that we nor our affiliates are obligated to manage, review, or monitor User Content. The User acknowledges and agrees that any User Content can be removed or edited by us at our own discretion and the User waives any rights if the User Content is changed or altered in any way. 

The User should be aware that at time of submitting or publishing User Content, any personally identifying information that is submitted can be seen by, read, collected, and used by other members and users of the site, as well as third parties that may send unsolicited messages. The User understands that we and our affiliates are not in any way responsible or held liable for any information that a User chooses to submit on our Site as User Content. 

Users agree to not engage in aggressive, offensive, obscene, vulgar, harassing, defamatory, insulting, sexist, or otherwise inappropriate behavior towards others. Users agree to be polite when engaging with and interacting with others on this Site, including other users and visitors. Users agree to not engage in or encourage others to participate in sharing, posting, or uploading any content that may encourage activity or behavior that is illegal, threatening, abusive, harassing, defamatory, pornographic, obscene, hateful, racist, sexist, or otherwise objectionable and/or inappropriate. Users agree to not engage in or encourage others to participate in sharing, posting, or uploading any content that they do not have a legal right to share or transmit; that contains restricted content; that is in violation of any laws, ordinances, regulations, or agreements; that is false, damaging, or malicious to the Site; that infringes on the proprietary right of another, including intellectual property rights; that the user was compensated for posting and creating by another part; that is designed to disrupt or interfere with the Site; that is meant to infect the Site with any malware or virus that disrupts or interferes with the Site; that advertises, markets, or promotes any other online businesses that are competitors of the Site. 

  1. Prohibited Activities 

The user Agrees to not do, nor to authorize others to do, the following: acquire, obtain, or collect any Personal Information of other users or players of the Site by any means or for any purpose; utilize the Site, our Services, or our Content for any illegal or unlawful activity; publish, copy, distribute, modify, or translate any of the source code to create derivative works of the source code; collect or gather any information or data through the Site; use any automated means to access the Site; share or disseminate any data regarding the Site or our Services to any third parties; distribute malicious code, viruses, spyware, keyloggers, or other form of malware or device of similar intent to the Site or our Services; not copy, distribute, publish, license, reproduce, modify, or sell any of our Content or Trademarks; share our software to any third party; take any harmful or reductive action against the Site, its affiliates, or harm our reputation. 

  1. Representations

Any visitors or users of our Site agree to the following: that their sole purpose of the Site and our Services are for personal purposes only; that their usage of our Site and Services are not illegal in their local jurisdiction that is applicable to them and that they will not utilize our Site or Services for any illegal activity; that they will utilize the site and Services within the legal bounds of our Agreement that includes the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy; that they will not utilize our Site and Services for any purposes that are illegal, unlawful, unauthorized, or in any way that is in violation of any laws, including local, national, or international; and to not imitate or masquerade as any other individual other than themselves. 

  1. Gambling Services

Our Site, Content, and Services make information available for our users’ personal entertainment and enjoyment and are to be used for informational purposes only. Our Site, Content, and Services may have links to or advertise third party content related to online gambling and gambling services. These gambling services are for the enjoyment and consumption of users who reside in jurisdictions where the online use of gambling is legal. Users agree to understand that any laws related to online gambling may be different depending on laws around the world and local jurisdictions and it is their responsibility to utilize our Site, Content, and Services within the bounds of their local laws and regulations. Being able to access our Site, Content, and Services does not necessitate or imply that it is therefore legal to do so under the local jurisdiction that the user lives in. 

Users agree and acknowledge the following in regards to their access and utilization of our Site, Content, and Services: that they are physically located in a local jurisdiction where it is legal to utilize Gambling services; that they are over the age of 18 or whatever age of legal consent for participating in Gambling services; that they know the local laws and regulations regarding Gambling services and that their utilization and enjoyment of Gambling services does not in any way violate the laws or regulations of their jurisdiction; that their utilization of the information available on our Site or Services could lead to a loss in monies from their choice in gambling on any Gambling service; that they verify any regulations or requirements that are in place regarding Gambling Service in order for its use and that these regulations and requirements could be changed at any time; that they are cognizant and aware of any risk associated with gambling and gaming, including loss of money and that they assume full responsibility of any loss as described; and that their use of the Gambling service is fully voluntary and at their own discretion and risk. Players will not make any claims against our Site, Service, Affiliates, or licensors associated with any gambling losses. 

We do not offer any advice regarding the legal aspect of gambling and it is the users’ responsibility to know and understand the applicable gambling laws of their local jurisdiction and to follow those laws and regulations. We provide information associated with the topics of gambling and casinos but do not encourage or endorse players to partake in gambling. It is the user’s personal choice if they choose to participate in gambling and gaming activities. 

  1. Disclaimer 

The user’s access to and usage of our Site and Services are made available at the user’s discretion and risk. They assume all responsibility for the access and usage of the materials. Our Site, Services, and Content are available on an “as is” basis and we, as well as our affiliates, disclaim all conditions, representations, and warranties in regards to the Site, Services, and all Content on the site any implied conditions or warranties of merchantability, accuracy of the Site, Services, or Content, Fitness for a specific purpose, or non-interference of any laws or regulations that apply. We do not make any guarantee or warranty that the Site, Services, or Content will meet the user’s requirements, be punctual, without error, secure, private, uninterrupted, non defective, or free of viruses, malware, bugs, or spyware. 

  1. Liability Limitations

We and our affiliates are not liable to you or any other third party for any damages or losses that arise from or that are in any way related to you or a third party’s direct or indirect utilization or access of our Site, Services, or Content. This includes any loss of monies, damages to business, loss of business, failure to earn or receive any expected winnings, or any other consequential loss. 

Users acknowledge and agree that we are not liable to you or third parties for any changes in, suspension of, or discontinuation of our Site or Services. 

  1. Insurance

Any users visiting our Site or utilizing our Services agree fully to immediately defend and hold us, our employees, and our affiliates from against any and all claims, losses, damages, proceedings, liabilities, fines, costs, and expenses, which includes legal fees that have arisen as a result of their access to and utilization of our Site or Services; any breach of the Terms and Conditions or Privacy Policy; the access and utilization of our site by another party that is accessing the site with another’s username and password; user’s violation of a law(s); user’s negligence; or the user’s misconduct whether willful or otherwise. 

Users agree to let us know of any claims immediately and to not settle the claim without any prior written consent from us, as well as agree that the indemnified parties can take on the defense of any claim and that the user must cooperate with all requests regarding the claim related to information and/or assistance. The user has the right to seek and employ their own counsel for the claim and participate in the defense of the claim. If the indemnified parties have not notified the user that we have chosen to take on the defense of the claim, then the user has the right to counsel to defend the claim that is deemed reasonably acceptable and is subject to the indemnified parties right to assume the defense of the claim at any time prior to the settlement, at their cost and expense. 

  1. End of the Agreement 

We reserve the right to terminate or otherwise cancel the Agreement, including the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy, at any time without notice to the user or any related financial compensation. This includes termination of users’ access to our Site and Services. This may occur for any of the following reasons and/or purposes: if we elect to discontinue providing our Site and Services to the individual or in general; if we have reason to believe that the user has breached any of the Terms and Conditions of the Agreement; if the utilization of our Site and Services is illegal, improper, or in breach of the Agreement; or if there are any reasons we see fit and deem applicable. 

  1. Law and Arbitration 

Users agree to the Terms and Conditions of the Agreement by visiting or utilizing our Site and/or services. The use of our Site and Services is governed by the laws without regard to conflict of law provisions. If there are any controversies, claims, or disputes that come out of the Terms and Conditions of the Agreement or the user’s use of our Site and Services, there will be a mutual consultation and negotiation amongst the two parties with an attempt to reconcile a satisfactory agreement or solution between the two parties in recognition of their mutual interests. If the two parties do not come to a mutually agreed upon resolution or settlement of the dispute within 30 days time (beginning at the start of the consultation and negotiation) then the unresolved claim or dispute will be referred to and resolved under the laws of the legal jurisdiction upon notice by any party to the other. 

  1. Confidentiality

The use or visitation of our Site and Services means users agree to never disclose any existence of a dispute or claim and shall keep it absolutely confidential during the term of Agreement, other than to the local legal counsel connected with the resolution of the dispute. Users agree to not directly or indirectly exploit confidential information for any other purpose than for the resolution of the dispute, in confidence and in full participation of the local legal counsel and jurisdiction. 

Users are entitled to disclose and share any confidential information as required by law so long as we are notified promptly and consulted with so as to ensure that any confidential information will be treated as such. 

  1. The Agreement 

These Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Policy make up the agreement between us and the user as it relates to access of and utilization of our Site and Services. This agreement supersedes any and all prior agreements between the two parties and the user complies that they have accepted the Agreement and are not reliant on representation or warranty as fas the same has been made representation of us in the Agreement 

  1. Severability

All terms and conditions laid out in this agreement are severable to the extent permitted by law and no provision will be affected by the invalid status of any other. 

The user acknowledges and confirms that any breach of the Agreement on their end may be the cause of irreparable damage to us and agrees and acknowledges that damages would not be a sufficient solution or resolution of any breach of this agreement by the user. In the event this occurs, we will be entitled to remedies of injunction and adequate remedies or relief for any threat of breach, or actual breach, of the terms and conditions that have been outlined in this Agreement. The user acknowledges and confirms that there need be no actual proof of specific damages for enforcement of this Agreement to be necessary. 

What we have outlined in these Terms and Conditions of the Agreement will survive after the termination or expiration of this Agreement so long as it is needed to achieve and serve its purpose. Any waiver by us of terms and conditions of the Agreement shall not be construed as any waiver of a preceding breach of any terms and conditions of the Agreement. 

The terms and conditions of this Agreement may be changed or edited at any time without prior notice to the user.