Free Online Video Poker

Video poker is rather enjoyable. It’s the same five-card draw poker that most players are used to, but you don’t need to be surrounded by other players and pressured. You’re not playing against them this time, you’re playing against the computer, and it’s simple and straight-forward. Video poker and free online video poker are two really fun games that you can enjoy at any time.

Playing free video poker online is a lot better than playing video poker in person too. With online games, you won’t need to wait for a machine to be free, you can pick from hundreds of different kinds of games, and don’t need to keep making your way to the cashier. Everything else is the same in terms of the win percentage, the cards dealt and the random number generation of playing. Try our free video poker games on our website right now! 

Why Play for Free

Why wouldn’t you play for free? Well, there’s not much chance of you winning real money. Sure, there is a small chance, if you manage to get a no deposit bonus code. In that case, you’ll be playing for free to win real money, but for the most part, you won’t be. Free play online video poker is essential to the game because it allows people to experience everything about the game.

Perhaps you want to try a different strategy or see what happens when you request an entirely new hand. Maybe you want to chase a couple of wins using specific cards, or ultimately, just learn how to play the game. That’s what free online video poker does for you. It’ll teach you all you need to know to get good at the game and start winning real money.

Having Fun

Not only will you have loads of fun playing free video poker, but the chances are good you’ll switch over to real money. Not because anything has compelled you to do so, but purely because while you’ve been playing the game, you’ve really been enjoying it too.

Learning the Rules

It’s important to learn what the rules are, especially if you don’t have a good handle on poker. Having said that, should you not actually know much about poker, that’s totally fine too. Following our quick help and tips guides will guide poker and non-poker players to wins with video poker. Free video poker can help in that arena by allowing players to experiment. It’s one of the best parts of playing for free, and a part that should be embraced by all.

Discovering Strategies

While strategies are usually professionally researched, free online video poker gives you a chance not to learn the theory, but to use it in practice too. Having a strategy is the best thing you can do in any online casino game and seeing it pay off in free play games is just as rewarding.

Think about how regular poker is played hand by hand and try your best to visualize what could make a win even better. Having a pair of kings is great but having three kings is even better. These are the kinds of things that you should be thinking about as the game goes on.

The Solutions to Playing for Free

It can be difficult to even consider starting to play online, we all know that. Having to hand out your personal information, and even your banking information can be a drag. Free online video poker usually doesn’t require any information from you. You’re able to just head on over to an online casino that we list, then click to play for free. In fact, you can even do that right here, right now, on our site!

Our list of the best online casinos around has top-shelf online video poker that you can play for real money, or for free. You’ll get to experience a wide variety of video poker, some that can be considered classics, and others that are newer to the field. Either way, you’ll find the best free and real money online video poker right here.

The Games on our Site

All of the games that you’ll find on Veritop have been vetted and tested by online casino industry professionals. They come from trusted software providers and have been known for how fair they are, and how accurate the RNG is. Usually, these kinds of video slots have high RTP percentages, as they should, in line with certification rules.

Not only will these games offer all that, but they’ll give you an enjoyable time whenever you play them. In addition, it’ll let you scope out all of the different variations of video poker so that you can find yourself a firm favorite and start playing it more and more.

Free Bonuses

If you’re able to find a free bonus for video poker, then you’re in for a good time. With some of the online casinos that we promote, their bonuses may sometimes include free bonuses that you can claim and use when playing online. These free bonuses will usually have some form of wagering requirement attached to them, so they do make things a little tougher to pull real money out.

Free vs. Real Money Games

Free games will give you almost the exact same experience as real money games. You’ll be treated to the same games, the same variations, and the same kind of RNG numbers that are proven to be fair and legitimate. What you won’t get though, is that rush playing for real money. The added bonus of knowing that you could perhaps lose your bet, or even make a killing of it!

Instead of giving you that rush, free online video poker will give you a feeling of relaxation. While you might not be able to win big on free video poker, you can still have a great time in enjoying the game, getting to experience all the variations and stopping when you need to without chasing any losses.

Our Opinion on Free Games

Our opinions on free online casino games has always been rather positive. While they do take up some time, and quite often, it can be hard to sort the best ones from the rest, they do serve a very valid purpose. We feel that all of the online casinos we list have given excellent software providers a chance to showcase their games for the world to see.

We think that free online video poker is an amazing way to learn the game and have a bit of fun, all the while getting your prepared to start playing for real money. We’d always suggest that our top video poker players, whether they are new or seasoned veterans, start playing free video poker first.


Video poker has been around for a number of years already and the game has remained largely the same. Sure, there are a couple of variations from time to time, but the best games in video poker are the ones that have stood the test of time. If you plan to play video poker online, then we’d suggest you start with the classics.

Starting with classics doesn’t actually have to cost you any real money though. With free online video poker, you can start playing those games, test them out, and see how they play without you spending a cent. This is what online gambling is all about. It’s not meant to try and scam you out of your money, you’re meant to play with a chance to win, and most of all, to have some amazing fun while doing so.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • 🔥 How do you play free video poker?

    Free video poker is played largely the same way that regular video poker is played. In this case, you use fake money or credits to bet, and still wager as you would with real money. You’ll basically just have a machine that will present you the cards, and then you’ll play the game, picking a few cards to hold, then exchange the rest for your final hand. Sometimes you’ll win, sometimes you’ll lose, but the currency changing hands is never real money.

  • 🔥 How can you win at free video poker?

    Free video poker isn’t too dissimilar to real money video poker. The way you win is by qualifying for a minimum winning hand, such as Jacks or better. Once you’ve gotten that hand, then you’ll be in the market to win.

  • 🔥 Is free video poker rigged?

    No! Free video poker is definitely not rigged. The cards are always dealt at random, and the companies that provide the machines and the software, have everything tested for RNG. If you manage to do well at free online video poker, then you could move on over to real money and play there. The games are identical with the same odds all round.

  • 🔥 What’s the difference between free and real money video poker?

    The difference between the two is solely the money you play for. It’s either going to be free credit or real money. The games are otherwise the same.