Position: Cybersecurity Officer

Description: Franck is the man that handles all of the security through Veritop. Not only will he ensure that our sites are as protected as they can be, he’ll also push the boundaries of online casinos that we recommend, to ensure their safety. Without doing anything illegal of course! He started out by messing around with numbers and code and soon started looking to break things. He followed a traditional career path towards banking and started tinkering with security there. It’s there where he got his big break in the world as a “Code Breaker” for a big company.

Why I think is the best guide ever: It’s easy to put an affiliate marketing website together but looking after it is a different beast altogether. The industry is really competitive, so you need to make sure that whatever it is you do, you’re at the top of your field so the customers and users have no choice but to pick you. This is what we’ve tried to instill at Veritop.

What you should know about me: When I’m not spending my time briefing teams on security and trying to fix system breaches, I play games. I enjoy playing League and feel that I play on a Grandmaster level, but don’t have enough spare time to dedicate to it. If you ask me what a flush is, I’ll tell you that it has something to do with the toilet. Casinos and casino games aren’t my forte, but I know cybersecurity so keeping users safe is important when they’re trying to have some fun.