Position: Games Expert

Description: If there was ever a need for an ex professional player to be on your squad, then Karen fits the bill. She used to spend a lot of time playing online poker when she was younger, and still plays today. As a winner of a WSOP bracelet, she is now one of the people who writes strategy guides for all types of online games and makes a fair amount of money playing. Not only does she play online poker and blackjack games, she’s also an author and writer. She’s busy working on her book about poker strategy and playing the players rather than the cards and has penned a number of guides on betting and casino strategy.

Why I think veritop.org is the best guide ever: I’ve seen my fair of comparison sites and let me tell you, they’re all very similar. My end goal in the industry is to try and make it better for the players, giving it better but fairer regulation, and stopping players from getting into trouble with debt from gambling. I believe in fair practice across online casinos and limiting those who have problems with gambling. Sometimes, people actually get themselves into debt because of it, purely because some sites are allowed to exploit human nature. This was one of my driving factors for joining Veritop, the fight against exploitation. I want each and every site that we partner up with and list on our guide to be a site that uses fair practices and is open, up front and honest with their users. If there’s a playthrough requirement that’s impossible to reach, I want my readers to know about it so they can make their own informed choices going forward.

What you should know about me:I’m a daredevil through and through. When I see something, I get after it, and if I can’t quite get it yet, I train until I can. I didn’t win my World Series of Poker bracelet by being lucky, I practiced, many times, late at night and continuously. I’ve been bungee jumping, sky diving and wakeboarding, I love all of them and want to constantly do them. I just started indoor rock climbing and hope to continue that when I can. Fitness plays a big part in my life and I love to wake up early mornings and head out for a run. I’m also a vegan and feel like the world needs to start embracing change because it’s slowly becoming a problem for us all! Life is dear and should be enjoyed to the maximum every day!