Play Divine Fortune on desktop or mobile and find out why it lives up to its name. There are a host of seductive features that you can test on the free version of the online slot, not least Medusa, but don’t let her turn you to stone. Roar your way to your own legendary fortune in this entertaining production – one player won more than €640,000 with the slot’s progressive jackpot. Can you win an even greater fortune?

  • Positives
  • Negatives
  • Big Jackpot
  • Dramatic Effects
  • Frustrating if you miss the bonus features

Slot theme

Welcome to an ancient Greek paradise in casino slot form. The slot has a feeling of luxury and splendour with classic columns shaped like beautiful women and urns with studded rubies, spiralled by magic orbs of light. Heavenly singing, sounds of chains, prison cell doors clanging, and the call of an eagle produce the sonic backdrop for a slot that has plenty of threat and fortune.


The regular symbols are Medusa, a lion, a bull, a falcon, the Ace, King, Queen and Jack. One of the most eye-catching and ominous symbols in Divine Fortune is Medusa, a monster from Greek mythology with wings, and serpents for hair. The tale is if you looked into her eyes you would turn to stone. But if you are brave a Medusa combo is the most valuable of all the regular symbols.

The lion symbol could be based on the Greek legend Nemean, a ferocious creature who lived in the Greek village of Nemea, and was ultimately killed by Heracles, the son of Zeus and Alcmene. Nemean’s golden fur was like a forcefield and its claws could slice through any armour.

The bull symbol is likely based on the ancient Greek creature Minotaur, Minos’ bull. It had the lower half and head of a bull and the torso of a man and ate people to survive. The falcon or eagle could represent Zeus’ personal messenger bird and companion, Aetos Dios, but it will only deliver a medium-sized return.

On the other hand, the Ace, King, Queen and Jack symbols are represented by a single letter, e.g. A for Ace, and these offer smaller payouts, with Ace giving the highest and Jack the lowest.

The white horse wild is based on the Greek divine horse, Pegasus, and inspires the slot’s name, Divine Fortune. Then there is a fist holding a lightning bolt – the Free Spins symbol – and the gold coin is the bonus symbol.


There are lots of videos online of players grabbing big wins on the Divine Fortune Slot for players to check out before trying the game. With so many ways to win, it can be frustrating to play and not see any valuable combinations appear. It can feel as if just as the money is about to run out, an exciting sequence of combinations and wins occurs.

Falling Wild Respins

When the Falling Wild Respins or horse symbol creates a combination, it will give you an extra spin. There is then another chance of a respin as the symbol falls down the reels.

Wild on Wild

There is also a Wild on Wild feature when a Wild falls behind another Wild creating an expanding Wild which fills the particular reel it is on.

Free Spins

Get three or more Free Spins symbols to trigger the Free Spins round and another chance at a win. An extra bonus of this mechanic is that any Wilds transform into the Wild on Wild expanding symbol.

Jackpot Bonus Game

If players can find three coin symbols they will unleash the bonus jackpot game. The jackpot amount is progressive and can reach more than €600,000.

What our experts like

The Divine Fortune Slot has so much depth, with a range of bonus features, imaginatively created. Even if the jackpot game proves out of reach, there are Free Spins to keep the player’s total rising and other symbols offering the chance of a nice win.

Also, players who like to spin online casino slots for escapism, although players should always gamble responsibly, will enjoy the depth of the ancient Greek narrative.