The jury is still out on whether the King of Slots is really the king of all Slots, but there are certainly some gems to uncover, like Sticky Win Re-Spins and up to 30 Free Spins plus a 3x multiplier in the Bonus Round.

‘King of Slots’ is an interesting name choice because players must essentially steal from the king to win coins. There has never been a more generous king so players should grab as much cash as they can while it is available! You can try King of Slots as free slots online before betting real money.

  • Positives
  • Negatives
  • The potential for lots of Free Spins
  • Low minimum and high maximum bet
  • Not enough bonus features to be anyone’s Slot king

Slot theme

The king of the slot, who looks a bit like Willy Wonka from Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory, spins the reels for you. It feels like a TV game show but the disco sound effects turn the excitement up a level. The question is why has the king allowed you into his home to take a chance at winning his riches? Whatever his reason, we are sure players won’t feel bad for helping themselves to at least a few handfuls of cash!


The symbols include the classic 10, Jack, Queen, King and Ace, plus there are the Scatter amethyst gems, the king’s crown, cherry, lemon and watermelon-shaped gems, and the sapphire Wild. Crowns can earn you 1000 times your original bet, while watermelons can get you 300x, lemons 250x and cherries 200x.


The main Bonus Round in King of Slots is the Free Spins feature but there is a nice little game mechanic that makes each win more fun. It is the Sticky Win Re-spin.

Sticky Win Re-spins

Whenever players strike a winning combination of symbols, they get a Sticky Win Re-spin. This can go on and on and lead to winning combinations completely filling the reels!

Free Spins Round

If players can find five Scatter symbols, they will enjoy 10 Free Spins in the Bonus Round where every win will be trebled! But they can win even more Free Spins if they land more Scatters. If players spin six Scatter symbols they will get 15 Free Spins, if they spin seven they’ll get 20 Free Spins, for eight they’ll get 25 and for nine they’ll get THIRTY Free Spins! The more Free Spins the better and with that trebling feature, those wins could get really big.

What our experts like

Although we did not unlock the Free Spins round many times, we are big fans of most Free Spins bonuses. What makes King of Slots’ Free Spins round even better is the 3x multiplier. Players can play King of Slots today but if they really want to be the king or queen of casino, there are lots more Casino Slots to conquer.