Welcome to the Magic Portal Slot where if one portal closes, another opens! The Slot’s magical portal feature increases the chances of Wilds and winning combinations, plus players can get more than 10 Free Spins in the Bonus Round. Play the magical Slot online for free today or wager for a dream super mega win.

  • Positives
  • Negatives
  • Refreshing and unusual portals feature
  • Flexible betting range makes the Slot accessible
  • Few bonus features

Slot theme

Magic Portal’s supernatural charms worked their spell on us when we first made eye contact. A magical theme seems rare and to pull it off with style is even more unusual. But it seems to have worked for NetEnt this time.

So, the Slot is named after its portal feature, and it adds more excitement than we expected. Players will see the two portals, one on the first reel and one on the fifth reel. If the symbols in the two portals match, all other matching symbols on the reels will be turned into Wilds, giving players a better chance of winning combinations. As this happens, a lightning bolt or other magic ray connects the portals and produces the Wild effect. There is a different special effect for each symbol, which can be dramatic.

In Magic Portals, you will see the kind of characters fantasy RPG players will be familiar with like wizards, witches and magic animals.


In Magic Portals the symbols have a mystical feel. They are valued like this:

  • The Fire Queen gives a 500x multiplier for a five-symbol combination
  • The Wizard gives a 300x multiplier for a five-symbol combination
  • The Ice Queen gives a 200x multiplier for a five-symbol combination
  • The Dragon gives a 175x multiplier for a five-symbol combination
  • The Owl gives a 150x multiplier for a five-symbol combination
  • The Wolf gives a 125x multiplier for a five-symbol combination
  • The Red Orb gives a 100x multiplier for a five-symbol combination
  • The Green Orb gives a 75x multiplier for a five-symbol combination
  • The Blue Orb gives a 50x multiplier for a five-symbol combination


Free Spins fans, it’s time to get excited. Magic Portals’ main bonus feature is a Free Spins round which is activated when both portals contain the Free Spins symbol. Players initially get 10 Free Spins and they can claim more during the Bonus Round. Unfortunately, there is no multiplier bonus during Free Spins.

What our experts like

The portal feature certainly adds a different dimension to the Slot and it was a refreshing feature to see. It is fun to keep an eye on the two portals for matching symbols rather than waiting for one of many different combinations to appear on the reels and even though the 10 Free Spins Bonus Round might not be so special, we think Magic Portals’ unusual features make it a game worth trying.

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