Players who liked games like Candy Crush and Sonic the Hedgehog are in for a treat when they start Reel Rush Slot spinning. Reel Rush is made up of candy and fruit symbols too and it comes with retro Nineties-style sound effects. When the reels really begin to rush it is hard not to get carried away in the nostalgic fun. It’s also when the biggest wins happen! A great way to discover if Reel Rush is the Slot for you is by playing an online slot demo for free.

  • Positives
  • Negatives
  • Nostalgic retro vibe
  • 3125 ways to win
  • The feeling of disappointment when the sound and visual effects start firing but no combinations land and the music grinds to a halt.

Slot theme

Reel Rush Slot has a mix of influences from the Eighties, Nineties and recent times: Millennial players will recognise the influence of platform video games, like Mario Bros and Sonic the Hedgehog, while classic mobile game fans are sure to notice the similarities to Candy Crush Saga, released just a year before Reel Rush. Just like in platform games from consoles like the Sega Mega Drive, Reel Rush Slot has a blocky, fantasy-like background, with popsicle-shaped green trees and brightly-coloured mushrooms.

Symbols in the game are a mix of fruit and candy. Anyone feeling hungry yet? The fruit and candy add to the retro vibe of the Slot, evoking memories of classic fruit machines.


The Strawberry, Pineapple, Lemon and Watermelon are symbols players should look out for because they give the highest returns. After the Watermelon, the Grape, Plum, then Bonbon pay out the highest multipliers. In any case, with 3125 ways to win in the Free Spins Round, players shouldn’t get sour grapes if they land on the lower-paying symbols.

The Gold Power-up Star substitutes for all other symbols but cannot land on the first reel.


The Slot’s Wild is a gold star and it can function as any other symbol in the game to help you win. Often, it makes the difference between an ‘almost but not quite’ situation to an exciting victory.


What is nice about Reel Rush is every time players win they gain a free re-spin and the board opens up a little. The second time they win, the board opens up a little more, giving players 405 ways to win, instead of 135 ways, and the number of ways players can win increases until they have won five times in a row and there are 1875 paylines. After five wins and subsequent free re-spins, players unlock the Bonus Free Spins Round.

Bonus Free Spins Round

If players manage to rush the reels so much they win five times in succession they will receive eight Free Spins, so the winning doesn’t have to stop. During this round, the entire board will open, meaning there is an increased chance of winning. In fact, at this exciting stage, you have 3125 potential wins to strike on.

What our experts like

What we think is cool is the ability to get a re-spin every time a player achieves a regular win – it gives the feeling that the player’s chances are improved, plus the player knows they could be approaching the Free Spins Round if they win four more times.

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