Players ready to join an outer space battle for Super Mega Wins should launch the Space Wars Slot in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1! But first, read our review to find out what we liked most about it. You can try Space Wars as a slot for free online or play for real money.

  • Positives
  • Negatives
  • Cloning Pod Re-Spin Feature
  • Unusual alien theme
  • Few bonus features

Slot theme

We like Space War’s wacky theme – its alien characters are full of personality and it looks like there was definitely inspiration from a certain Pixar monsters movie – Monsters University was released in 2013, the same year as this extraterrestrial Casino Slot.

One of the most strange and beautiful aspects of the Space Wars Slot is the Cloning Pod, which replicates winning symbols and spits them out in the Re-Spin Bonus feature.


For big wins, players should look out for magenta Space Crystals combinations. They carry by far the highest value, more than twice the value of the second-most precious symbol, the Orange Octopus.

The symbols in Space Wars are valued as follows for a 5-symbol combination:

  • The magenta Space Crystals give a 1000x multiplier
  • The Orange Octopus gives a 400x multiplier
  • The ant-like green alien with a black collar gives a 200x multiplier
  • The goofy three-eyed alien gives a 175x multiplier
  • The stalk-eyed blue alien gives a 150x multiplier
  • The purple one-eyed alien gives a 125x multiplier
  • The brown fish-like alien gives a 60x multiplier
  • The sad minnow-like alien gives a 50x multiplier
  • The dopey three-eyed alien gives a 40x multiplier and a 3x multiplier for a three-symbol combination
  • The round-bodied blue alien gives a 40x multiplier but only a 2x multiplier for a three-symbol combination
  • The round one-eyed purple alien gives the same multipliers as the round blue alien, 40x for five symbols

As well as the character-based symbols, there is a Wild, which appears on reels two and four and has the power to replace any symbol.


Every time a player wins, they get a Free Re-Spin as a bonus. The winning symbol is then transported to the Slot’s Cloning Pod where the symbol is cloned and its offspring enter the next spin.

On the face of it, Space Wars only has a few special features, but the Cloning Pod provides constant excitement as long as players keep winning. It was the Cloning Pod which helped us to our Super Mega Win in our test session.

What our experts like

While playing the free version of Space Wars, we were surprised by a ‘Super Mega Win’ of 84,400 coins, which made us feel like we were being beamed up into a spaceship and abducted by aliens – it was intense! If we were playing for real money, we would have banked €42,200 on only our third spin with a maximum bet amount. The big wins are out there.