If players can complete the mission in Steam Tower Slot by slaying a dragon and saving the princess, they can enjoy a 7x win multiplier and snatch a 1,000-coin bonus. The princess is counting on players to put the sparkle back into her eyes, but will they win a stunning cash reward for their efforts? Players can find out by playing the slot for free online or wagering for real cash today.

  • Positives
  • Negatives
  • The tower-climbing feature with increasing multipliers is a nice surprise
  • The theme of saving the princess and its 1,000-coins bonus incentive
  • The Slots lack colour and effects
  • The dragon and princess are absent apart from in the Bonus Round

Slot theme

Steam Tower Slot presents an interesting theme, where in the West in the 19th century, the player is tasked with climbing an industrial tower to rescue a blonde-haired maiden from a dastardly dragon. The game’s hero does not exactly look trustworthy, with a scruffy appearance, gormless gaze and barbaric weapon, but it looks like the princess is short on options for a saviour!


Out of the regular symbols, the Dragon is the most valuable having a 2,000 multiplier for five symbols. The rest are as follows:

  • The Hero is worth 1,000x when players land five symbols
  • The Princess will reward players with a multiplier of 500x when they land five symbols
  • The Tower will give you 300 times your bet for five symbols
  • The Ace is worth 150x for five symbols
  • The King is worth 100x for five symbols
  • The Queen is worth 75x for five symbols
  • The Jack is worth 50x for five symbols


In Steam Tower Slot’s Bonus Round, players can attempt to climb the tower to save the princess. As players go higher, what they win has a bigger multiplier. From floor one to three, the multiplier is 2x but once you get to floor 16, the multiplier grows to 7x. And if players are lucky enough to climb to the top, they will get a 1,000-coin bonus. Plus, if players spin a Wild on the top row in this Bonus Round, they will enjoy an extra two Free Spins.

The Bonus Round includes some eye-catching mechanics. There is a floor meter to show what level you have reached, there is a multiplier meter showing your current multiplier, and the tower meter shows how far you have climbed up the tower. These features are impressive details and help add to the anticipation players might feel as they get closer to the princess and the big prize.

What our experts like

If players read a little about the theme of Steam Tower Slot before playing, they will know about the prospect of climbing the tower to save the princess. This important mission, which is linked to big wins in the game, adds excitement to betting sessions, but this is the one main positive for us. We also liked the chance of getting two extra Free Spins in the Bonus Round. It came as a cool surprise.