Theme Park Slot: Tickets of Fortune seems like a unique Casino Slot. The makers NetEnt have done a great job of creating an authentic theme park experience which sounds, looks, and feels like the real thing. We think, whether you win big or not, Theme Park Slot could be the ride of your week, if not the ride of your life! You can try it and other Online Slots for free now.

  • Positives
  • Negatives
  • The Ticket Wheel and bonus games bring the theme park to players’ screens
  • Engaging effects
  • Wins in the main game can feel underwhelming

Slot theme

The reels turn around like a rollercoaster, which could either send players into a spin of excitement or make them feel so queasy they want to get off as soon as possible!

Theme Park Slot is unsurprisingly set in a theme park with wacky and wonderful sound effects that people would be surrounded by at the fair, like the whizz of the waltzers and bumper cars. The Ticket Wheel Bonus Round follows the theme with tickets for six different fair attractions where players can win bigger prizes.


Although there is an exciting Bonus Round in Theme Park Slot, one of the best ways to win big, mega or super is to land the Rollercoaster stacked Wilds. With combinations of these symbols alone, players can trigger the game’s biggest cash prizes.

There are also carousel horses, green swans, waltzer rocket cars, and bumper cars, plus balloons for the 10, Jack, Queen, King and Ace symbols. Also, there are the ticket Scatter symbols – if players find three they will unlock the Ticket Wheel.


If players find three Scatter symbols that look like three theme park tickets, they will unleash the Ticket Wheel. It gives players at least three spins and players can win one, two, three or eight tickets. If players land on the three special tickets, they can also get one or two extra spins of the Ticket Wheel.

Once the player’s spins on the Ticket Wheel have run out, they will have a certain number of tickets to use on the round’s bonus games. The bonus games include:

  • Bonus Game 1 – Punch Bag: with one punch, players can win 2x to 25x their stake.
  • Bonus Game 2 – Sledge Hammer: players will win 1x to 100x their original stake.
  • Bonus Game 3 – Can Tower: for every can players knock down, they win a coin amount equal to their stake x2.
  • Bonus Game 4 – Skee Ball: players can throw five balls and get multipliers that range from 1x to 100x their stake.
  • Bonus Game 5 – Fishing: players get to pick five fish which will reward them with 2x to 50x their stake.
  • Bonus Game 6 – Duck Shoot: players get six tickets and can play the Duck Shoot. They get five shots and can win 4x to 50x their stake. There are also multipliers that can boost wins by x4.

We were somewhat carried away with the Ticket Wheel and think it is a very fun feature that adds a surprising dimension to the game. Anyone who enjoyed going to the fair or theme park when they were a little younger, and for those who still do, the Ticket Wheel feature can transport players back to the sensations of being there – the expectation, the lights and entertainment, the typical food and the giant rides that stopped people in their tracks. We almost forgot what we were playing to win big money!

What our experts like

Theme Park Slot offers a uniquely enjoyable experience compared with other Casino Slots and it’s fun regardless of how much players win. Take cash wins as a bonus, sit back and enjoy the ride!