The Twin Spin Slot can be one of the most rewarding Casino Games on the planet but it can also be frustrating – there an amazing 243 paylines but players shouldn’t assume they will win with every spin, because that would be excessively optimistic. Still, think positively, because Twin Spin offers the chance to win 270,000 coins! Twin Spin could be the perfect game to try for players who are just becoming familiar with internet casinos, because of its authentic slot machine feel. Newbies should consider trying its free online slot version before they step up to real money action.

  • Positives
  • Negatives
  • There are 243 paylines
  • At least two identical reels for every spin
  • Some might think the theme is outdated

Slot theme

Twin Spin is designed like a classic Las Vegas slot machine, with symbols all casino fans will recognise, like Cherries, ringing Bells and Diamonds. There are flashing lights, neon symbols, typically retro music and with so many ways to win, with a bit of luck, it will not be long until you see your screen glow and you win an exciting prize.

The Slot is called Twin Spin partly because of its double spinning reels feature, where two identical reels spin side-by-side. Every Casino players likes the sound of better winning odds so this feature is sure to be popular with those serious players.


The Ace, Jack, King, Queen, 10 and 9 symbols represent their respective playing cards and follow the same order in terms of their value and how much players can win from spinning them on the reels.

You will see the familiar Casino Cherries symbol in Twin Spin. Plus, there is a Bell symbol, a Bar, a number 7 and a Wild.


Twin Spin’s Twin Reel Feature is two identical reels that appear in every spin and can expand from two reels to three, four or even five. This at least gives the impression it is easier to land winning combinations than in other slots – pair this feature with the 243 paylines and winning big looks like a distinct possibility.

The Twin Spin Slot also has a Wild symbol which substitutes for all other symbols, potentially increasing your chances of a special win.

What our experts like

With 243 paylines, there is ample opportunity to claim wins and this feature should keep players on the edge of their seat. It also feels like players can win more often than in some other Slots, so if players time it right and stake the right amount at the right moment, they could end up taking the Casino for all it has!

While Twin Spin does channel the vibe of a classic Las Vegas casino in some of its design features, we think NetEnt could have been more creative with the choice of music, which is quite repetitive. Also, the sound effects are not the most engaging we have heard recently. Read about more Vegas-style Slots.